Sealed Air Mail Lite 220x260

Sealed Air Mail Lite 220x260mm

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Sealed Air Mail Lite 220x260mm

Sealed Air Mail Lite Bubble Bags are one of the best, if not the best solution for delivering any kind of products and materials, such as documents, books, DVD’s, clothes and many others. It’s a very light bag, because of the air, which reduces the shipping costs.

These Bubble Bags are ideal for the transportation of small sized or fragile products that need an additional protection for good conditioning during the transportation. The interior of the envelopes is padded with air bubbles, protecting the delivery, and the bag is opaque which guarantees confidentiality during the delivery.

It is very easy to close the padded envelope due to the adhesive closure with tape placed on the top of the envelope.

Here you will find many dimensions of Sealed Air Mail Lite Bubble Bags, in packs that can go from 1 to 200 units. If you pretend Brown Bubble Bags, insert a comment with your request during check out.

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