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Does Delnext deliver parcels outside the EU?

No. Delnext only provides its services inside the European Union. Thus, we don’t deliver in Switzerland, Norway, United States or Brazil, for example.

Who will be delivering my parcel?

Delnext has several partnerships with logistic companies and also has its own network. Depending on the destination of your parcels, we might count with the collaboration of different partners.

What happens if I'm not available at the time the logistic company deliver my parcel?

The logistc company will try to deliver your parcel again in the next business day. In the next business day, if noone is at the destination address to receive your parcel, you'll receive a notification asking you to schedule another delivering date. We don't charge you the two additional delivery attemps.

My parcel's didn't arrive on the expected time. What should I do?

You must track you delivery, with the tracking code, and verify if there was any incident with the delivery. Please click here and insert the tracking code of your order to know more informations.

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