Why Do Couriers Have Many Complaints?

It is not that simple to have a courier company up and running, there are some hard times that lie ahead of your business. Couriers face many hindrances that they may even end up the business bankrupt due to circumstances… Continue Reading →

Classic Delivery vs. Express Delivery

When ordering products online, there’s always one area where people fall into one of two categories: express or standard shipping. Which to choose and why? What’s the difference between the two? Classic Delivery Standard shipping is for those who don’t… Continue Reading →

How to Return an Item Bought Online

Circumstances may lead to returning of an item you bought back to its marketplace and this is why you need to know the return policies of the seller. Many sellers usually give their clients 14 calendar days to let you… Continue Reading →


What is Dropshipping and How it Work? Dropshipping is a business framework that allows a trader to purchase the item ordered by a customer individually from a wholesale supplier and then be delivered to the customer directly from the supplier…. Continue Reading →

What is a Freight Forwarder?

What is a Freight Forwarder? A freight forwarder is an agent who organizes a safe, cost-effective and efficient means of transportation of goods on behalf of clients who want their goods transported within the country, imported or exported. They can… Continue Reading →

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