Circumstances may lead to returning of an item you bought back to its marketplace and this is why you need to know the return policies of the seller. Many sellers usually give their clients 14 calendar days to let you know their return process and the policies.

Both on eBay and Amazon, you need to go to your purchase history and report return within the period they allow. You may even be required to take some photos and upload them for more information on why you’ve decided to return the item(s).

Returning items requires you to know the returning policies of eBay or Amazon depending on where you bought the item(s). The buyer may be responsible for the return postage costs if they wish to return the item. Delivery services for returning the item(s) are available and easy to find all around the world.

How to return an item to the marketplace.


Returning an item to the marketplace requires you to contact the business seller to initiate, follow, and confirm the return process. The buyer has to access their Purchase History on the website, For instance, On My eBay page, select Return this item at the More action menu and commence with the return process. On Amazon, view the sellers return policies by just visiting the Online Return Center.

  • For further information on the item you wish to return, taking some photos of the item to document the condition of the item. You can take as many as ten photos to upload and ask for return.
  • After you request the return, you automatically land to the return process or be asked to contact the seller to provide you with the further steps to proceed with the process. The seller will provide a packing slip and a return postage label and depending on the location of the buyer even when in another country, the size and weight of the item.
  • The packing slip provided to the buyer should be included with the item being returned. Packing the item should be done carefully to ensure that the item is in the same condition as it came from the seller. Apply the postage label and include the tracking information if available and send the item back to the seller within the 14 days after you received the item.
  • When you find a credible return services, note that the tracking information may be required by the seller as they review the advancement of the return process. When the seller receives the parcel you’ve returned, they go ahead and consent the refund which usually takes a couple of days.

In case of an unfortunate order, a faulty item, unwanted or damaged delivery from the seller, the seller is usually sympathetic to the buyer. With that being said, the big part of the return process is in the hands of the buyer. Before initiating the return process, you will be expected to read and understand the return policies.

How easy return the item using a good delivery service.


After finalizing the obligations of a buyer in the returning policy, the next step will be finding the best delivery service to return the item to the seller. The delivery services you find have to be reliable and be able to guarantee the safe delivery of the item to the seller in the same condition the item was delivered.

Convenience is the key feature you are looking for in this situation. Implementing the business courier services, easy to contact and providing their returns services in multiple countries.

There are some simple steps that you need to complete to have a smooth return of the item:

  1. Register: Enter your details, contact information, addresses and tracking information. Registering for this business courier is important for the next time you need their services you know where to start.
  2. Read the details for the return services: You will receive the details for returning services of the business courier to understand better how it works
  3. Provide the return destination: Your location and the return location is required
  4. Return label: For efficiency and satisfaction, the bought return label is required printed to indicate the item is being returned to the seller.
  5. Payment: The Delivery services will give you a quote depending on the country you introduce.

As an outstanding courier service, Delnext offers you their reliable delivery services and ensure that the item you are in the process of returning go back with the best price in the market. Delnext picks the item you wish to return from where you are. After choosing the destination you want to send the item, you will receive instant quotes after you introduce your country or location. For more pricing, visit their website to view the costs, furthermore, you can opt to send the item by express service (airplane) or the classic service (truck).

Marta Gomez

Marta Gomez

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Marta Gomez