It is not that simple to have a courier company up and running, there are some hard times that lie ahead of your business. Couriers face many hindrances that they may even end up the business bankrupt due to circumstances like damaged goods, cancelled orders, legal fees or failing to delivering.

Initially the postal services were created in a B2B perspective. When the service became available to individual customers, the collection of parcels had to be done at the post offices. Deliveries at home are a new challenge and often the customer is not at home at the time the courier delivers. All this creates problems and dissatisfaction on the part of the client.

Although courier firms are in the industry helping out other businesses prosper, it is not possible to get everything right and this is why the level of dissatisfaction is very high. The revenue of courier services in Europe is growing annually and it is estimated to grow to more than $4 billion. Even with all these complains on all the websites, companies such as Trustpilot, Portal Da Queixa among others try to keep up with number of complains.

As you expect a gift to arrive the couriers may face some messy reality of our analogue world. Missed deliveries is a huge problem that many customers tend to bring to the couriers websites. More than 10% of most deliveries fail at the first time costing the couriers a huge number of re-deliveries.

Frequent commercial couriers complaints comes by when the post-person deliver a parcels without knocking to save some time. In other occasions time is a crucial factor in delivering valuable parcels.

A courier firm with their tracking system will allows the customer to check on the progress of the driver delivering their parcel all the time. Recently, Delnext upgraded this tool to offer customers an improved experience and more detailed information on the status of their shipments.

Why complain to a courier service?

Filing a complaint to a courier company arises when there is a problem with something you have sent to someone and it arrived broken. The problem isn’t about something you bought online really. In the cases that the item got damaged, lost or delayed, the contract holder (the sender) has the legal capacity to file the complaint as the courier has the legal; duty to deliver the item for the sender

Many of these complaints are done in the courier’s website by following a complaint process, similarly, the courier company may provide you with e-mail or customer service team’s telephone. Furthermore the sender and the receiver communicate and arrange proof of the condition of the item before the courier delivers the item.

What are the benefits that comes about when handling complaints?

These complaints that are brought about by the customers are important in helping the courier firms to manage their firm and be accountable to their customers. By providing prompt reviews to such complains, the performance of the organization and their workforce rises and know how to deal with any kind of complaint.

A complaint shows the level of dissatisfaction of a customer towards their services. The staff responsible for responding to the complaints and providing a solution is expected. These complaints raised assists the courier services to resolve the dissatisfaction in a timely and the most cost effective way.

What does a customer expect when he/she complains?

  • A user-friendly platform to handle a complaint.
  • To be heard and respected when they complain.
  • An explanation and apology on any dissatisfaction faced.
  • Action to be taken as soon as possible

From research made in Europe, the courier service customers it is possible to highly satisfy a customer with perception of quality of services offered upon a complaint. Customer service, delivery on time etc. a courier service that delivers an item within a specified time and handles all complains vigorously and professionally the customers get very satisfied and hence loyalty.

Marta Gomez

Marta Gomez

Marta is a Spanish girl, from Toledo. She works at Delnext since 2015 as Product Marketing. She writes about Delnext news, living abroad, logistics and e-commerce. She has a Master in Marketing but also loves sports when she got free time.
Marta Gomez