Tracking System


With Delnext, it’s possible to track the path of your parcels from the collecting moment until its delivery, using the ‘Tracking Tool’. As soon as your parcel is paid and confirmed, a ‘Tracking Number’ is given to you. To use the ‘Tracking Tool’, you need to access ‘Track your parcel‘ page from our website, to enter the ‘Tracking Number‘ and to click on ‘Track Now‘. You will then have access to detailed information on the status of your shipment and, in this way, a concrete idea of the state of the situation.

Tracking System Upgrade


The ‘Tracking Tool’ has been available since 2015, with customers always having access to it so they can track their orders. Our focus is customer satisfaction and, in that sense, we seek to improve your experience with Delnext. In February 2017, we updated the ‘Tracking Tool’ to offer customers an improved experience and more detailed information on the status of their shipments. We list the changes made in the ‘Tracking Tool’:

1 – Tracking will have more updates until the order arrives at the destination;
2 – The updates are more informative and enlightening regarding the route of the shipment;
3 – When the first delivery is not achieved, you will always receive an email with this information and in this email will be given the ‘Tracking Number’ of our partner;
4 – Some problems were solved regarding inaccurate or incorrect information about the shipment status.

As we said before, we work daily to enrich the quality of our services and increase your satisfaction. It’s in this objective that we focus and commit ourselves to make Delnext being a reference of quality.

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