We inform that Delnext has been following and monitoring very closely and proactively all the information related to the coronavirus (Covid.19). We will do everything to comply with all measures defined by national and international authorities and to guarantee the safety of our employees, customers, and recipients. Special measures of prevention were taken inside of our facilities.

At the moment, all Delnext services are in operation, and for security reasons, the vast majority of people, who work in the office environment, are working from home. The operation at the logistical level (warehouses) and deliveries continue in normal operation.

In this way, we are making available all the information, about the areas in which it will not be possible to collect or deliver parcels. Below you can find the postal codes. This information may be updated at any time.

We also alert you to the possibility of delays that may occur in the coming days and to which Delnext is alien. There may also be changes with respect to the usual operating procedures, for example, there may be no collection of the recipient’s signature upon delivery.


Portugal: (Updated day 27/04/2020)

At the moment all deliveries are being done in all areas of Portugal. However, deliveries at Pick Up points are conditioned, as they may be closed. Furthermore, may exist parcels that will be immediately returned if the consignee refuses them.


Spain: (Updated day 27/04/2020)

At the moment all deliveries are being done in all areas of Spain.



Italy: (Updated day 27/04/2020)

Deliveries and collections in the following postal codes will not be possible:

Ariano Irpino AV BN 83031 83031
Paolisi BN BN 82011 82011
Agira EN CL 94011 94011
Rogliano CS CS 87054 87054
Santo Stefano di Rogliano CS CS 87056 87056
San Lucido CS CS51 87038 87038
Bocchigliero CS CS51 87060 87060
Oriolo CS CS51 87073 87073
Torano Castello 87010
Serra San Bruno VV CZ 89822 89822
Fabrizia VV CZ 89823 89823
Villafrati PA PA01 90030 90030
Elice PE PE 65010 65010
Civitella Casanova PE PE 65010 65010
Farindola PE PE 65010 65010
Montebello di Bertona PE PE 65010 65010
Penne PE PE 65017 65017
Moliterno PZ PZ 85047 85047
Arsita TE TE 64031 64031
Bisenti TE TE 64033 64033
Castiglione Messer Raimondo TE TE 64034 64034
Castilenti TE TE 64035 64035
Montefino TE TE 64030 64030
Salemi TP TP 91018 91018
Giove 05024
Celleno 01020

Diogo Assis

Diogo Assis

Diogo Assis is co-founder and CEO of Delnext, working daily to offer you better services at low prices to simplify your life when you want to send a parcel. He is master in Economics and has a degree in Political Science.
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