The official Delnext website will be launched today. Parallel to the, where you can send parcels nationally or internationally, this blog also born, and this blog has several purposes:

  • Disseminate the best things on the Internet, particularly following the development of ecommerce stores and other online businesses;
  • Share news with respect to all matters relating to the “worldof shipping and transport and of course all that is related with Delnext;
  • Monitor the interests of our future customers, particularly those who travel or who are outside of their countries.

On Delnext blog you can participate and share your opinion!


Diogo Assis

Diogo Assis

Diogo Assis is co-founder and CEO of Delnext, working daily to offer you better services at low prices to simplify your life when you want to send a parcel. He is master in Economics and has a degree in Political Science.
Diogo Assis

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