Hi! We are Delnext

With Delnext, you can save money
and time to deliver anything you
want to where you want!

Delnext, based in Lisbon, was created to simplify the process of delivering goods to
everyone, with special attention to price, speed and customer support.

Our mission is to break borders inside Europe. Delnext allows you to stop paying
ridiculous prices for international shipping and start saving money!

  • Erasmus Students
  • Emigrants
  • Foreigners living abroad
  • Ecommerce
  • Travelers
  • Businesses with product delivery needs

But why are we cheaper than other companies? Delnext created an innovative system which
allows anybody to send good anywhere. That's why we can offer better prices and any kind
of service to meet the needs of businesses and individuals

Contact us now for more information! Our response times are as fast as our deliveries!

Find the cheapest parcel deliveries across the European Union.

Delnext is a certified company

We know that the responsibility to carry your packages is big, the parcels are important to you, and for us it is essential that the delivery is fast and safe. So Delnext achieved in 2016 the company licensed of Freight Forwarder. Being Freight Forwarder, Delnext offers its services to international freight companies and individuals, legally and certificated form.

Delnext is also an ANACOM certified company and is registered as a postal service provider under number SP-2019-004.

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