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  • Thelma Almeida
    2019-10-25 12:59:31
    The first time I have used your services and I have not been as successful as I paid for an express delivery which was supposed to be delivered on the 48/96 hours, and it was only made at the end of the 14 days. The second time I've used these services, was a five-star hotel, delivered days ahead of schedule.
  • Maria Calarrão
    2019-04-25 20:52:17
    I started to send the orders to my daughter for the DELNEXT and I do not want another. He has raced everything well and the staff are always ready to help. My desire is to continue within the parameters of quality that have been demonstrated. I strongly recommend. Thanks to all of you.
  • Maria de Fátima Ferreira
    2019-01-29 11:25:54
    I used it for the first time the service Delnext and I was satisfied. The estimated delivery date was the 28/01 but eventually arrive at the destination on the 25th. The order arrived in London in good conditions.
    2018-11-08 16:15:56
    I used Delnext for the first time to send a package to the Netherlands and ALL (pickup and delivery) has been on the days I indicated. WHAT I RECOMMEND
  • Marina Andreeva
    2018-05-11 11:04:40
    5-star service! Everything went well with the shipping of my order.
  • Vasco Correia
    2018-05-03 17:37:40
    Assess the service of the Delnext with 5 stars!!! Very Good!
  • bruno sousa
    2018-04-27 15:20:38
    5-star service! Everything went very well with the shipping.
  • João Reis
    2018-04-27 15:17:27
    In my case the tracking numbers have not worked. To shipments through Ebay, and Paypal payments it is essential to have this tracking and delivery confirmation. However I evaluate the Delnext with 4 stars.
  • Edmundo Teixeira
    2018-04-16 09:24:59
    Everything went super well! 5 star service!! I am satisfied
  • Giuseppe Sabatino
    2018-04-16 09:21:56
    The order arrived in the time expected. Nothing to say!
  • Catarina Corte-Real
    2018-04-09 09:06:13
    On the day of delivery is not told which hour they would deliver and they called only when they were already at the door. However they arrived ahead of schedule.
  • Carla Magalhães
    2018-03-29 10:27:51
    Order arrived before estimated time. Always have received the information about the transport of the same... I Was afraid since it was the 1st time I sent an order this way and I was Very pleased with the simplicity of payment, shipping and receçao.
  • beatriz branco neves
    2018-03-28 11:28:11
    Service simple and effective. Nothing to add. Keep up the good service
  • Ricardo Caetano
    2018-03-26 16:53:01
    Without anything to improve. Order arrived in good condition, quite fast and with a tracking efficient during the process! 10/10 !
  • Delfina Gouveia
    2018-03-22 10:24:26
    Assess the Delnext with 4 stars, the rececionista of the order in the Valley Milhacos, almost refused to receive the order of the rest everything went well and the order arrived at the desired destination.
  • Márcio Silva
    2018-03-22 10:19:18
    5-star service! The website was super fast! Very good service.
  • Aida Marques Lda
    2018-03-19 12:44:16
    Super fast, and the best price found. Customer support is competent. Highly recommend.
  • eduardo gama
    2018-03-13 11:33:20
    4 stars!! Everything went well if you have that point to something that went less well was not to receive the order in due time, due to a slight delay.
  • Vitorino Eugénio
    2018-03-13 11:17:14
    5 stars! Went well I was pleased . Thank you .
  • Monica Teixeira
    2018-03-05 15:30:50
    I was satisfied, there was a slight delay in the collection, but everything went well.

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