Prices to Send Parcels

Please see our complete price list to send parcels.

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Send an order to any part of the European Union:

Please refer to the complete list of prices for ordering above, choosing from and to where you want to send it to get the values ​​up to 30 kg. Delnext offers you the possibility to send an order If your order is more than 30kg just ask us for a quote or if you have a company and regular shipments you can contact us by email.We promise to help you save money when making your Enjoy prices up to 80% cheaper than the Post Office.


Sending a national or international order with Delnext takes less than a minute. We have tried to make the shipping process as simple as possible so you can prepare the entire process from a few clicks in a comfortable way from your computer, tablet or smart phone.

Online Tracking

You can track all your shipments online and estimate the delivery date, so both the sender and the consignee can follow the route of the shipment to the destination. always where your shipment is.

Customer Service

We strive to always provide quick and effective responses by email, online chat or telephone. We have a telephone contact available from 9am to 1pm and customer support via email from 9am to 6pm, In addition, by making your shipment you can also choose to choose premium customer support that allows you to respond even faster (maximum of up to 2 business hours), with this option telephone support may be used for a longer period.

Miscellaneous Services:

You can choose to send your order through the Express service (deliveries in 1 to 3 days) or by the Classic service (economic deliveries in 4 to 8 days).

Send without leaving home:

Shipping prices for Delnext include picking the order where you want so you can ship without leaving the house.


Delnext is an IMT certified freight forwarder. When you send your order the responsibility is great and so, in addition to guaranteeing the best service at the lowest price, we ensure that you send it in a fully certified way .

Business Requests:

Delnext is proud to help national and international companies to increase their sales. By offering better transport conditions when sending parcels or goods, our business customers are able to increase the number of shipments abroad Delnext offers you more competitive shipping rates and our customers, in turn, offer lower shipping figures than their competitors, thus increasing their sales.

No Fuel Rates or other costs:

Unlike many other shipping companies, Delnext has no additional fees, the amount paid by the customer on the site is the final value of the shipment. So you always know how much you pay without worrying if the shipment will be more Expensive than you'd expect, and avoid having to check your bills at the end of each month.

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