International Delivery

Send what you want to any European
Union Country without leaving home.

Incredible prices and fast deliveries


We do all the work for you: with Delnext
you can save money and time by ordering
through our easy-to-use website.
We'll pick up your parcel and deliver it to any
destination in European Union

Send an international parcel from 3€

Fortunately for those who want to send goods, the European
Union allows us to send parcels without paying additional
customs fees or other fees.

Now with Delnext, send an international parcel is even
easier, just enter the 'send from' and 'send to'
fields for an instant shipping quote for your parcel.

The only thing you need to do is pack your parcel securely
so that everything arrives in perfect condition.
Leave the rest to us.

Track you parcel Online

With Delnext you can get informations and know exacly
whereyour parcel is and when you have any doubt just contact
ourc ustomer service, we will give you a fast answer

We take care of your parcel

Delnext couriers take care of your parcel as if it were their own.
We do everything we can to make sure your parcel is delivered
safe and sound and on time

Delnext is a Certified Company

Delnext has a Freight forwarder certificate, that guarantees that the company meets any legal requirements for the exercise of its activity. The quality of your parcels shipment to the recipient for you chose in the checkout of your order is guaranteed.

Up to 80% cheaper than Post Office

With our services, you can send a parcel without leaving home and
enjoy prices up to five times lower than sending through the
Post Office.

Where can I send my parcel?

To make your shipment you don\�t need to leave home, you can do your order through any mobile device or computer, only needing to access the Delnext website. We offer you a safe with commodity service, without needing to dislocate yourself. After you have chosen the address where you want your parcel to be collected, we will collect in the next working day. If you aren\�t present when we schedule to collect your parcel, it will do a second attempt to collect it in the next day.

When can I send my parcel?

Your shipment can be made at any hour of your day, we have a service of shipment and tracking of your parcels available 24 hours per day. Your order shipment only takes 1 minute to be done through our website. We have a fast and efficient service. We also have a tracking service online during 24 hours per day, that allows you to know the exact location of your parcel, and you also can know the day when your parcel will arrive.

Why send it with Delnext?

Delnext know that the international shipments can be very expansive, because of this we want to break barriers in Europe. We developed an efficient and innovative service that allows you to do safe shipments, guaranteeing that your parcels are delivered to their recipient in the best conditions at the best prices in the market. We know that our clients have different needs, so we created tree types of shipments: Classic Delivery, Urgent Delivery (for urgent deliveries) and Express Delivery (for fast deliveries). Each one of them satisfies the identified needs of our Clients. Our delivery service is made by truck or by plane. Our transport is made by us, or by one of our logistic partners recognize internationally, guaranteeing that they meet any legal requirements. We have already made, more than 190 thousand shipments, having more than 10 thousand companies and people that want to send parcels working with us. Because of this we have experience in the parcels delivery, which allows us to have the best prices in the market doing a service of quality. Any doubt you may have about your shipment and about your parcels can be clarified by our customer support, that gives a quick answer to any question you may have. This service is available in many languages. Delnext is a service that will allow you to start saving money right now, using a fast and simple service, guaranteeing that your parcels arrive in safety to the recipient that you pretend.
Don\�t hesitate, send now your parcels with us!


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