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Classic Delivery is ideal for:

  • Anyone who wants to save money on shipping costs
  • Anyone who wants to save time by skipping a trip to the post office
  • Anyone whose delivery isn't urgent
  • Businesses looking for an affordable way to ship goods

Up to 5x cheaper than the Post Office

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Your parcel delivered safely

We know how important the security of your parcel is to you. With Classic Delivery, Delnext will deliver your parcel safely to the destination of your choice in 3-8 days (depending on the destination country). Your parcel will be transported by truck or by van.

But how does it work exactly?

Once you place your order and submit the payment of your choice, we1'll send you an email with the parcel labels. Then one of our logistics partners will pick it up from the sender address on the next business day.

After the pick up, your parcel will be brought to our warehouse in Lisbon (Cacem Industrial area) and we'll send it off to its recipient from there. You can always track your parcel online to check its progress. If there's nobody at home on our first delivery attempt, a second attempt will be made on the following business day.
Our service was designed to be a simple way to send parcels with very low prices when compared to the common prices seen in the market.
This service is used by e-commerce websites, online stores, physical stores that need to send parcels, Erasmus students, emigrants, immigrants, people that travel and can�t transport all their luggage and any common person that needs to send something internationally.

Where can I send my parcel?

Your delivery can be made through any mobile device or from your computer in the comfort of your home. You don\�t need to go anywhere. After you choose the Recipient where you want your parcel to be collected, the Delnext service will collect it, guaranteeing the safety of your shipment.

When can I send my parcel?

You can send your parcel at any time of the day. It only takes 1 minute to do it through the Delnext website. After that you don\�t need to worry about the tracking of your parcel, because this service is available 24 hours a day.
The process of collecting your parcel is very fast and efficient, because once you have indicated the address where you want your parcel to be collected, we will collect it in the next working day.

Why send it with Delnext?

Delnext offers an innovative service of shipment, guaranteeing the safety of your parcels at the lowest prices in the market.
Nowadays Delnext works with more than 600 e-commerce companies, and with physical stores and clients that just want to send a parcel.
We designed a service especially made for people who desire to make an international shipment at low prices, without having the need to dislocate anywhere, being able to do all the shipment process of your parcel from their home.
Delnext answers all your questions, having developed a fast client support service that is able to answer any doubt you may have about your shipment.
Our service has a Freight forwarder certificate that says that Delnext is a company that meets any legal requirement and it\�s certificated, because of this you can send your parcel with us to the recipient you chose for your parcel to be collected, knowing that you will have a safe shipment of your parcels.

You don't even have to leave home, we'll do all the work for you!

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