The Terms and Conditions of website are the followings. These "Terms and Conditions" may be updated by Delnext in the terms described below in order to include a greater number of cases. For any clarification, please contact us.

1. Terms

The access and the use of website (hereinafter only site) are subject to the following "Terms and Conditions". In using the site, the user accepts these "Terms and Conditions". These Terms can be modified by Delnext at any time, therefore we recommend a careful reading of the "Terms and Conditions" below.

2.Access to the site

The access to the site is permitted on a temporary basis. Delnext reserves the right to restrict the access to parts or to the entire site without prior notification. Delnext is not responsible for any issue arising from the impossibility of using the site if for any reason it is temporarily unavailable.

3. Privacy

Our privacy policy can be found at Privacy policy. By using this site, the user declares to all effects to agree with our Privacy Policy and the user declares to all legl effects that the information provided are correct.

4. Intellectual property

The content of this site, including texts, graphics, images and other information, is exclusive property of Delnext, as stated by law on copyright and intellectual property in force.
The user can not reproduce in whole or in part and in any form the content of this site without Delnext\'s written consent.

5. Content

The content published on this site is provided without guarantee that it is error free, including descriptions and prices of the services. We reserve the right to refuse orders if the information on the site or the price is incorrect.

6. Behaviour

The user undertakes to comply with applicable laws, to act in good faith and to use the site in such a way as not to offend the rights of third parties. It is expressly forbidden to share or distribute offensive, threatening or defamatory material or to commit or toencourage crime, and to send unsolicited advertising materials or offers. It is also forbidden to divulge messages, to introduce or create any virus or to push others to do so.

7. Applicable Laws and Competent Court

Delnext is owned by a company based in Portugal, with a license issued by IMT. By accepting these "Terms and Conditions", the user declares to accept that the Portuguese Law is applicable to any contract concluded with Delnext, and that the Portuguese Courts are exclusively competent to settle any dispute concerning the services provided by Delnext. Delnext ensures that all contents and services marketed are allowed in Portugal. Delnext does not guarantee that the contents or services sold are allowed in other countries as for the laws in force therein. If you are a visitor or a foreign customer, the access to the website and ordering of products is made on your own initiative, and it is your responsibility to comply with local laws if applicable.

8. Contractual Terms of Subscription to Service:

By placing an order on the site the user declares to agree with the following conditions:
To place an order you must be at least 18 years oold, and you commit to provide authentic data that allow us to process the order successfully.
All orders are subject to availability of the service, prices and confirmation of the order.
When placing an order, you will receive a confirmation email. This email does not constitute acceptance of the order, but it merely confirms that the user has placed an order on our site.
The contract of service with Delnext is established with the confirmation of the pick up of the parcel after receiving the confirmation of payment: the mere confirmation of the order received by the customer does not bind Delnext, and it doesn't constitute an obligation to provide the service. Delnext reserves the right not to accept orders without any justification.

9. Pricing and Availability

Delnext verifies frequently the information conveyed on the site, expressly information such as price and availability of the service, as well as promotions in force.
Despite of this, if some information on the site has not been updated, especially those relating to the price and availability of the service, Delnext reserves the right not to accept the order. If the order has been accepted and paid by the user, Delnext will refund him.
Prices are subject to alterations at any time, and will be duly published on Delnext website.
To have information on the prices in force, you may need to refresh the page, since these prices are the only valid, except for mistakes in the insertion of information. Exchange rates can make prices to vary frequently.

10. Payment and shipping Order

Delnext offers many payment methods. Orders will be sent after receiving the total amount of the price corresponding to the order placed.

10.1 Checkout with PayPal

You can pay quickly and safely with your Paypal account without sharing any kind of financial information with us. You only have to log in to Paypal to proceed with the payment.

10.2 Checkout with Multibanco

You can pay quickly and securely with Multibanco without sharing any financial information with us. Payment Confirmation is immediate.

10.3 Checkout with Credit Card

You can pay quickly and securely with your credit card. Delnext has a secure payment system that guarantees the complete confidentiality of the data entered.

10.4 Payment by bank transfer

Depending on circumstances, it may happen that the order must be paid by bank transfer. In this case, the confirmation of the payment can take up to 48 hours. The customer must send the payment receipt by e-mail to

11. Object

Delnext is a freight transport management company, and the service is limited to the organization of the pick up, the organization of transportation and the organization of the delivery of the order to the recipient agreed with the Forwarder / Customer nationally and internationally.
All orders are sent throught transport companies or freight forwarding partners of Delnext.
These Terms and Conditions must not be removed or changed by any employee, officer, agent, contributor, service provider or subcontractor of Delnext without the express consent of the latter.
Delnext is a transport intermediary. Freight transport is carried out by transport companies or shipping companies partners of Delnext.
After placing an order on the site, you will accept that your order and your data are provided to our business partners. The user declares to agree that Delnext proceeds to dispatch goods through any carrier chosen by the latter.

12. Prohibited items

Delnext does not accept prohibited items. The Customer guarantees that the goods do not contain objects that are not allowed.
Delnext does not accept to ship goods that exceed the weight, size and volume limits valid for the service agreed.
In case of doubt if the goods to be sent are among the prohibited items included in this clause, the user must contact Delnext Customer Service.
When requesting a service, the user declares under his responsibility that the shipment does not contain any excluded items, so, if Delnext proceeds with the shipment, it is not responsible for any damage resulting from lack of delivery, we also reserve the right to request the customer\'s responsibility for any charge, specifically pecuniary, in which Delnext may occur because of prohibited goods shipped.

13. Delivery & Returns

The signature of the recipient on the delivery sheet, on an electronic device or on any other support presented by the courier constitutes proof of delivery of the order.

In some cases, and depending on the partner in charge of the delivery, the order can be delivered to a person other than the recipient, usually the next-door neighbor.

Finally, delivery can be performed at an alternative address, since the identity of the consignee can be confirmed through a security check, the sender accept changes as correct and valid without exceptions.
There are places where Delnext may not deliver, such as mailboxes, packstation, post offices or places that are difficult to access.
Delnext partners will attempt to deliver to the recipient\'s address on working days between 8.00am and 8.00pm. If it is not possible to deliver on the first attempt, the partner will in principle make a second delivery attempt the next working day (if this does not happen, we will try to schedule a new delivery attempt).
After two failed delivery attempts, Delnext may request an additional payment for the third delivery attempt depending on the delivery partner.
If the delivery is not successful, the package will be returned to Delnext warehouse, and the return to the customer / shipping agent will have the same cost of sending. In case of return Delnext will issue a new invoice with the same value as the sending and, after such invoice is paid, the order will be sent back to the customer / shipping agent.
After six months the orders not delivered and stored in Delnext\'s warehouses are not claimed or collected by the shipper / customer, the ownership of the same will pass to Delnext that can decide the most appropriate end, having the right to be compensated for the costs of storage or for possible destruction.
If Delnext assesses that a package is damaged and it can not be delivered because it is not safe or dangerous, Delnext reserves the right to immediately dispose of the damaged order, and manage it as desired, returning it to the customer if the latter requests it within one month after receipt of the relevant notification that the package is available, or proceeding with destruction if the order is not requested by the customer within the allowed time or if it represents an imminent danger to the physical integrity of others and / or goods or installations of Delnext. In this case, given the exceptionality of the situation, the customer will be informed only after the inactivity or destruction of the property, not having the right to claim any indemnity or compensation, of any kind whatsoever, for the undue destruction of the product.
Delnext does not collect orders outside Portugal, Spain or Italy, so if the customer wishes to send an order or he wants to withdraw an order sent by Delnext, we can exceptionally collect the object in the same place where it was delivered. The value of this type of collection will be equal to the value of the sending plus 9.90 € + VAT due to management costs.
Returns, dfferently from deliveries, do not have any deadlines to be returned, and Delnext doesn't take any commitment referred to the date of return or withdrawal.
In some specific cases we can deliver your parcel in convenience stores.

14. Inspection Rights

Delnext reserves for itself, or as an intermediary of any of its partners, specifically in case of any government inspection, including Customs, the right to open and inspect assigned parcels, regardless of whether the client is responsible for his or her statements about the content of the package.
If a penalty or a fine is applied to Delnext, regardless of its legal nature, due to lack of documents or for any reason related to the content of the package, the responsibility for paying the penalty or fine applied is all upon the shipper / customer.

15. General Conditions for Shipment and Services and Information on Weight and Dimensions

a) Delnext or its partners do not provide the shipping service if the package has these characteristics: Value above € 300.00 (three hundred euros), unless otherwise authorized by Delnext; if the parcel is a danger to human or animal life; if it consists of pollutant materials or if it risks to stain or to damage other packages of Delnext or one of its partners; when transport, import or export is prohibited by local law; if the customs declaration is not made, when necessary. Delnext does not carry goods and / or valuables on the ICAO, IATA, ADR list or any other national or international regulation to which these products refer. The shipper / client promises to inform Delnext of the non-visible specifications of the order, when these may have an impact on the shipment of the order; if the sender / customer gives to Delnext products that fall under the exclusions previously reported, failing to inform Delnext, the customer will be exclusively liable for any damage that may occur to Delnext or to third parties; goods or objects that are prohibited for any legislation on penalties, for example due to the content, the recipient or the country of destination or provenance. The Sanctions laws include all laws, regulations and measures that define the sanctions (including trade restrictions and economic sanctions) the countries, individuals or entities, including but not limited to the impositions of the United Nations, the Union European and member states of the European Union.

b) Packaging and Content: the customer / shipper is responsible for all costs and damages resulting from inaccuracy or insufficient information on the waybill and / or the delivery of electronic information relating to the goods and the recipient that must be given by the sender.. The customer / shipper uses Delnext software to process orders, and therefore he/she must ensure that all packages are labeled, and ti transmit the necessary information by electronic files. In the event that the Customer / Dispatcher or Delnext miss any electronic information, or there is a incorrect labeling or lacking in identification of packages, Delnext will contact the customer, and by default the shipment will be kept for the time needed to clarify the situation. Exceptions will be made in cases where a prior agreement has been reached with the Customer, in which, if this situation should occur, Delnext and its partners are authorized to proceed to solve the situation and to deliver the parcel to the recipient. The customer must pack the goods in sealed packages, resistant and adequate to the content and specific needs of the carrier of the goods, as well as to any specific needs of the recipient. Otherwise the order will be carried on behalf of and at the risk of the sender, and Delnext will not be liable for any occurrence mentioned above. The Customer is liable for any damage caused to third party packages or to Delnext material due to defects in the goods or packages supplied by the Customer. The Customer is also responsible for delivering all the documents needed for an appropriate shipment in accordance with the applicable laws as well as providing information for filling correctly the waybill. The Client will refund Delnext for the fines paid because of the inaccuracy or inadequacy of the indications of the waybill or the equivalent document provided by the Customer if they result from inspections by the competent authorities.

c) Weight and Size: the Customer / Sender is obliged to inform Delnext about the correct weight and size when doing the order of the item to be shipped. Delnext reserves the right to rectify any difference in weight or volume established by the customer. The maximum weight of each order, whether it is the volumetric weight or the actual weight (see article 21), is 30kg. With regard to dimensions, the order cannot measure more than 70 centimeters per side, and it cannot have a size that exceeds the volumetric weight of 30kg. Orders with greater measures than those mentioned above will be mandatory subject to a quotation request. If the Customer / shipper wishes to send an order that exceeds the indicated sizes, he must write an email for having a quote to

d) If the customer makes a online order on Delnext website – – indicating measures lower than the real ones, Delnext will not proceed with the shipment if the weight and measures don't match the order value. In such situations Delnext will electronically measure and weigh the orders, contacting the customer to communicate the correct value (or lack thereof) of the order, and the customer will have to pay the value for sending the parcel, then the shipment will be sent only after the payment. If the customer refuses to pay the difference, Delnext will return the goods to the same collection address, and it will not refund the amount paid. Finally, if the order does not have the dimensions provided by the customer, Delnext, in addition to the value of the order, may also apply an additional price for the handling the goods of the value of 9.90 € + VAT.

e) All orders must be accompanied by the original invoice and the duplicate outside the package in case of a purchase or a sale. If the content is a gift or a private good, since it is not a commercial transaction, the customer must place a pro-forma invoice with the indication of the content outside the package. Delnext is not responsible for any fine / penalty imputed by the competent authorities in case the order is inspected.

16. Responsibility

Unless otherwise provided by law, and under the compliance of the provisions of paragraph 17 of these conditions, Delnext is liable only for damages resulting from the loss or damage that the goods may suffer in Delnext\'s transport or in its warehouse, when such facts are clearly attributable to deliberate malice or gross negligence with the limits established in the present general conditions. This responsibility is linked to the formulation of an accurate and complete reserve by the recipient at the time of delivery. Delnext will not be liable for any damage not causally linked properly to the malicious or grossly negligent conduct that has been imputed to it. Delnext will not be liable for future damages, indirect damages or loss of money / loss of profit. Delnext will not be liable if all or part of the order is lost, damaged, or is delayed due to force majeure or due to omissions of the customer, recipient or third parties in particular: insufficient or incorrect address, failure to fill in the waybill, bad packaging. Delnext\'s liability will also be excluded when the loss or damage results from the risks inherent in any of the following facts:

a) Lack or defects in packaging related to goods which, by their nature, are subject to loss or damage when not properly packed;

b) Maintenance, loading, cleaning, unloading of goods by the shipper / customer or recipient or by persons acting on their behalf;

c) Insufficient or lacking application of trademarks or symbols on packages, where applicable.

17. Civil Liability

The rate applied by Delnext includes the price of a third party liability insurance to cover losses and damages relating to shipping up to a value of € 250.00 (two hundred and fifty euros).
In addition, the customer can add an additional value for higher covers (see point 21). Delnext undertakes to do everything possible to carry out the service within the expected / estimated time frame.
In order for the insurance to be added, Delnext may request a quicker pick up of the goods, and the purchase invoice of the content.
In accepting Delnext Terms and Conditions, the customer agrees that in case of request ofpayment of any indemnity or compensation regardless of legal nature, this will have as a maximum limit the value of the purchase invoice or the weight of the package, case in which any compensation can have a minimum value of ten euros per kilo. (Decree-Law nº 239/2003 of 4 October).
In case of delayed delivery the liability is limited to the value of the shipping, and the indemnity can not be higher than the above mentioned value, and only due when the interested party proves the damage caused by the delay.

18. Complaints

In case of apparent defect of the goods or of packaging defects, the recipient must, at the time of acceptance of the goods, formulate a precise and exhaustive reservation. If the recipient receives the goods without making reservations, it is assumed that the goods are in good condition. Any complaints must be sent in writing to Delnext within 15 (fifteen) days from the delivery of the parcel. If it is not notified promptly, Delnext assumes no responsibility. The claim must be supported and accompanied by documentary evidence of the damage or loss, such as: formal complaint document, waybill, copy of the shipping invoice and sales invoice to the customer. If the customer complains about any damage, he must remain in possession of the order in case Delnext decides to pick up the damaged items. If Delnext can not collect the damaged goods, it will not be held responsible for the contents of the same.Delnext does not accept that payments of service provision invoices are suspended, delayed or cautioned by justifying such behavior with delays in solving complaints. The client or the recipient can not contact Delnext partners (transport companies that work with Delnext) in any situation to file a claim about the service, once the claims management is the exclusive responsibility of Delnext.

19. Other

Unless otherwise stated, "working days" do not include Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, considering also the public holidays in the collection area, if this is done outside of Portugal.

20. Duties of the customer / forwarder

By using Delnext services, the customer/forwarder agrees:

a) To ensure that the information provided in the shipping form is complete and accurate and true;

b) To collaborate in everything concerning our service;

c) To provide us the access to the house, office or other place, if they are the collection or delivery point, and to be responsible for ensuring that these places do not contain hazardous materials and do not put in danger the health and safety of our employees or those of our partners;

d) To provide the information and material needed to accomplish the service, and to ensure that this information is accurate in all material aspects;

e) We will not carry any items contained in the list of prohibited items;

f) We reserve the right to refuse the shipping of any order at our discretion.

21. Additional Services

Delnext offers to the customers three optional services during the checkout. The same options can be added by paying a certain sum. The services and their conditions are as follows:

    a)Additional insurance: all orders have an automatic insurance of € 10.00 (ten euros) per kilo. If the customer wishes, he can add a higher insurance to cover the full value of the goods. Therefore, when placing an order, the customer must put the value of the content in the field "Value of Content" (the insurable value can not be higher than € 300.00 (three hundred euros) and Delnext will not be responsible for orders with values higher than this amount), then the site present an additional value for the total coverage of the introduced amount. By inserting the additional insurance, the customer immediately and unequivocally guarantee the value of the order in case of loss. In case of damage the customer must prove that the item was intact (before being sent) to receive the compensation. This additional insurance can not be claimed if the order is delivered late.

    b) Personalized Customer Service: by placing an order with Delnext, the customer can have a personalized Customer Service exclusively done by email. The answers will be provided with a 48-hour delay based on Delnext\'s operating time (from Monday to Friday from 9h00 to 18h00 ). If the customer wants a personalized service, he can add this option when he makes an order. He has to pay € 3.99 + VAT. By adding this option Delnext commits to:

        b.1) Email: Replying to e-mails in two hours taking into account Delnext\'s operating time (from Monday to Friday from 9h00 to 18h00). Emails will be answered within this time frame if the email address received are as follows: email address of the customer's account, the sender\'s email address and the recipient\'s email address; if the customer sends an email with an address different from the one introduced in the Delnext system, we do not guarantee a reply in the above mentioned time. If Delnext does not respond within the time frame indicated to a valid email address, it will refund € 3.99 + VAT upon customer\'s request.

        b.2) Phone call: To receive our phone call, the customer has to send a email to asking to be contacted by one of our employees, and giving the number to call. Delnext commits to contact the customer within two hours after receiving the email with the contact request, taking into account Delnext\'s operating time (from Monday to Friday from 9h00 to 18h00). If we are not able to contact the customer within the indicated time frame, we will refund 3,99 € + VAT.WARNING: Adding this optional service doesn't mean that the courier will call the customer before the delivery. WARNING: Adding this optional service does not mean that the delivered call the customer before delivery.

    c) Customized Parcel Tracking option: The Delnext site allows you to track your order until delivery. Delnext will not be able to notify you in case of delivery problems such as: delays in sending, wrong attempt to deliver, wrong address among others. If you wish, you can add the Customized Parcel Tracking option during the checkout by paying € 1.99 + VAT. By adding this option one of Delnext\'s agents will make a personalized tracking, and he/she will notify you through email or telephone in case of issues with delivery. If there is a problem not notified in advance, Delnext will refund you the additional paid value.

22. Remote areas

Depending on the ZIP Code, extra amounts for the delivery may be applied. Some areas are considered by Delnext as "remote areas", and they usually correspond to islands or areas that are difficult to access, such as areas in metropolitan cities. This additional value is shown when you enter the postal code at the end of the order, before making the payment. Delnext reserves the right to consider "Remote Areas" any place, even after the order has been pcked up, and even if the website does not indicate that the estination is remote area. Delnext should find an agreement about the extra value to pay, in case an agreement can not be reached, the order will be returned to the sender at no cost. Delnext reserves the right not to send any order for any reason, providing in this case a full refund of the value paid by the customer.

23. Cash on Delivery service

Delnext may accept that some business customers have Cash on Delivery service. This service can only be used by the customer after being communicated by email that is in operation, until that moment it will not be possible for the customer to send parcels by Cash on Delivery. The payment of this amount can be made through cash or ATM (only available in Portugal). If it is cash, Delnext drivers may not have change. This type of service will have an additional fee. For business customers who have access to this service, Delnext will do everything so that settlement of the charges occurs as quickly as possible. Customer will have 3 months, after the delivery of the parcel, to claim any amount not paid refers to it.

By using Delnext, you know that you cannot send the following Itens (all of them are prohibited):



Air Bag

Alcoholic Beverages


Animals Of Any Form (Alive Or Dead)

Any Item Containing Petrol (Liquid, Gas Or Fumes)

Aromatherapy Oil


Used household appliances or any appliance weighing more than 10kgs

Biological Samples

Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards



Christmas Crackers

Counterfeit Currency

Credit/Debit/Cash Cards

Dangerous Goods

Driving Licence

Crystal or glass materials


Objects containing any liquid

Precious Metals

Gemstones or jewelry

Rare products, product with incalculable or sentimental value

Important documents (eg. Passport, power of attorney, checks, etc)

valuables like watches luxury


Drugs (Including Prescription)



Fire Extinguisher

Fish (Live Or Dead)

Food Items (Perishable Goods)




Hazardous Goods

Human Remains or Human Flesh

Infectious Substances

Item Described As "Unknown"






Lottery Tickets


Medical Equipment


Nail Varnish





Perishable Good

Perishable Goods (All)


Replica Weapons

Seatbelt Tensioner



Slush Syrup


Stamps (Unless Franked)

Steering Wheel


Tobacco And Tobacco Products


Vehicle Bonnet

Vehicle Bumper




Privacy Policy

DELNEXT recognizes and respects the right of its users to the protection of their personal data, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter “GDPR”), established by EC Regulation No. 2016/679.

The personal data of the users of our website (at are collected to enable the delivery of the services provided by DELNEXT, since without the collection of personal data it is not possible to carry out the commercial operation through the website.

See our Privacy Policy below.

1. Collection of personal data:

The data of the users of our website – – is collected during navigation, namely for the following purposes:

    a) Placement of purchase orders and services;
    b) Requests for clarification on products and other aspects related to DELNEXT
    c) Budget Resquest;
    d) Price match requests and saving simulations;
    e) Products and services evaluation;
    f) Blog usage and content distribution;
    g) Dissemination of news, informations and promotions;
    h) Guarantee the collection and delivery of the parcels.

While browsing our website, users may be asked to provide the following data, depending on the purpose for which they are intended: Full name; Postal address; E-mail; Telephone or mobile phone number; Date of birth; Tax identification number;Links to social networks.

In addition to the purposes described above, your personal data may be used to improve the user experience of our website.

The data collected during navigation can be used to analyze and improve certain tools and functionalities available on our website, to improve the user experience.

By signing up or signing in via Facebook or Google, the user expressly agrees to DELNEXT’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

By registering on the DELNEXT website you further acknowledge that you accept to receive information about products and promotional campaigns established by DELNEXT through the email provided.

At any time, the user may choose to stop receiving information about products and promotions. To do so, you can change the preferences in “My Account” tab or by clicking in the link to unsubscribe or send us an email from your customer account with “Remove” in the subject, or by contacting us by any of the following means: email, telephone or mail.

The data provided by the user may be necessary to help ensure the security of our website and services, for affiliation purposes, statistical purposes, back-ups of data, dissemination of news and promotions, and for allowing us to accomplish your requests and orders, including for the correct issue of invoice, delivery of the order at the address provided, and telephone contact for resolution of incidents on delivery or collection.

In case of orders with cash on delivery (which is only available for business customers), or with potentially incorrect data, the information can be confirmed by telephone with the user before the acceptance of the order.

The data collected during the purchase may be processed in order to provide the products and services purchased and to ensure the appropriate registration and monitoring of the transactions made, namely in the choice of the delivery company and payment method.

The data collected for notifications, and obtained by subscription of email notifications, at the time of registration, or in the various forms of email registration available on the site (product questions, price matching and savings simulation, budget requests, contact through form, subscription to replacement warnings of Stock and subscription of Newsletter) may be processed for the dissemination of news, information, promotions and releases of services and/or products or campaigns of DELNEXT.

The personal data collected in the website for price are used for analysis of user pricing and saving requests, as well as to submit information about products from DELNEXT.

The personal data that we collect can be used to answer the questions made by the user through our website, as well as to submit information about products from DELNEXT.

Personal data may be used for processing and advertising, on the product page or on any page of the DELNEXT website or used for promotional purposes on another digital platform or Offline, and to improve the services of the DELNEXT.

We do not market your personal data, nor do we disclose it without your consent.

2. Transmission of personal data to third parties:

The person responsible for the processing of personal data collected by DELNEXT may exceptionally rely on the help of some partners so that, on behalf of DELNEXT and according to our guidelines, process some of the personal data, the processing being done according to this Privacy Policy and respecting the technical instructions provided by DELNEXT.

Such partners shall not be able to transmit their personal data without the authorization of the person responsible and may not subcontract other entities without the express authorization of the data controller, ensuring the confidentiality and safety of the persons.

3. International transfer of personal data:

Some of your personal data will be treated by third countries, including outside the European Union, but the rights of the personal data holder shall be fully ensured in accordance with the GDPR.

4. Personal Data Conservation:

Personal data collected by DELNEXT under the terms of the Privacy Policy may only be kept for the period strictly necessary, considering the purpose of the collection.

If there is no relevant contact with the holder of personal data within a period of eight years, DELNEXT undertakes to delete or encrypt its personal data, except if it is necessary for the performance of its activity of for the fulfillment of its legal or judicial obligations.

At the end of the above indicated period, personal data will be definitively deleted or encrypted, without prejudice to the exceptions already mentioned.

5. Right of Access and Information:

The holder of the personal data may at any time request from DELNEXT information on the content and treatment of personal data collected, namely:

- Purpose for which they are intended;
- Legal base;
- Identity of the data controller or data protection officer, if this figure is implemented;
- Period during which the data will be maintained, and criteria used to fix this period;
- Concerned categories of the personal data;
- Recipients or categories of recipients for whom personal data have been or will be transmitted;
- Expected deadline for the preservation of personal data (where possible) or criteria used to set the deadline;
- The origin of the personal data – in case they were not provided directly by the holder;
- The existence of automated decisions and useful information on the rationale for such decisions (including the definition of profiles) and the importance and consequences of the processing of this information for the data subject.

In addition to this information, the holder of the personal data may:

- Request rectification, elimination or limitation to the processing of their personal data or to oppose to such treatment.
- Submit a complaint to a supervisory authority (in Portugal, the National Commission for Data Protection – CNPD).
- Be informed of the appropriate safeguards for the processing of their data if they are transferred to a third country or to an international organization.

The provision of a copy of the documents under processing will not harm third parties and it’s free. If copies of additional documents are requested, we may charge you a fee to cover administrative costs.

The holder of the personal data may also request, at any time, access to the personal data and the rectification, either to supplement or to correct incorrect or inaccurate data.

6. Right to be forgotten, limitation and opposition:

The user may request the deletion of his personal data, without undue delay, when:

    a) His/her personal data are not necessary for the purposes that have justified the collection;
    b) To revoke the consent on which the processing of personal data is based, without there being any other legal basis justifying the processing;
    c) To oppose the processing of personal information, without there being a legitimate interest justifying such processing;
    d) The processing of personal data was done by illegitimate or illegal methods;
    e) Need to comply with legal obligations;
    f) The personal information has been acquired through information society services.

The right to be forgotten may be limited if DELNEXT is obliged to comply with legal and/or judicial obligations that require the processing of the data in question, for the exercise of the right to freedom of expression and rights provided by the constitution or in case of public interest to data dissemination, for example, in the context of scientific, historical or statistical research.

The user may limit the processing of his/her personal data in the following cases:

    a) To correct the accuracy of his/her personal data;
    b) The treatment of the information is illegitimate and does not intend to eliminate it data, but the limitation to its treatment;
    c) When no treatment is necessary, except for compliance with legal obligations;
    d) During the period of verification of objection to the use of personal data.

In the event of limitation of the use of personal data, DELNEXT undertakes to use the data collected with the consent of the data subject or if it is obliged to comply with legal and/or judicial obligations requiring the processing of the data in question, in order to exercise the right of freedom of expression or other rights provided by the constitution, or in the case of public interest in the dissemination of data, for example in the context of scientific, historical investigations or for statistical purposes.

The holder of the data subject to treatment may at any time oppose the treatment of his/her personal data. In this case, the data will no longer be subject to treatment by DELNEXT, unless there is a legitimate legal justification for the use or if strictly necessary for legal or judicial purposes.

The data holder may object to the processing of his/her personal data for direct marketing purposes.

7. Right of complaint:

If you consider that the processing of your personal data violates the GDPR, the data holder can contact us by email or letter to the address of DELNEXT headquarters, so that we can clarify the situation.

The data holder may at any time complain to the responsible authority of the Member State where he resides, where he works or where the infringement was committed.

8. Portability:

If the owner of the personal data requires part or all the personal data for the conclusion of a contract or other legal instrument or for pre-contractual procedures, and if the data is processed automatically, it may, without prejudice to third parties, receive, in a structured format of common use and automatic reading, his/her data and to transmit them to another data controller or authorize us to provide the data to another responsible. This right shall not apply if the disclosure of the information violates public interest.

9. How to exercise your rights:

To exercise your rights to place any questions regarding the privacy policy, there is a Data Protection Officer (DPO) who is available to answer any question. You can contact our DPO via email:

10. Safety:

Your personal data is stored in a secure environment. All passwords are encrypted. To ensure your privacy and security, do not disclose your password to third parties.

At DELNEXT we have a secure connection (SSL), accessible for all relevant pages, including login, registration, checkout and payment processing.

If we detect a breach of your personal data, we will notify the control authority within 72 hours.

11. Cookies:

Cookies are small data files transferred from a website to your devices disk.

DELNEXT may use cookies to identify you if you use our website again.

Cookies do not contain personal information such as names, address, credit card number or other information considered to be confidential.

Browsers allow you to delete cookies on your computer. However, if you have cookies blocked you will not be able to register and enter our site, nor make purchases on the site, besides not having the benefits that these small files can offer you. To make purchases without having cookies enabled, please contact us.

By using DELNEXT website you agree to this Privacy Policy as well as the use of cookies, which are the following:

- zenid, __cfduid, COOKIES_OF_COUNTRY_CODE: to identify you when browsing the website and to identify your behavior while browsing the website.
- COOKIES_OF_IP_CLIENT, COOKIES_OF_COUNTRY_ID, COOKIES_OF_COUNTRY_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE,: to store information about your preferences and to help us personalize the information we make available to you.
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- Cac, CLIENT_ACCEPT_COOKIE: to store your preferences about the use of cookies in a more generic way.

These are examples of other cookies used by partners:

Google Analytics

It gathers information about the use of our website and create reports related to the use of the website.

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Most browsers allow you to refuse, accept or delete cookies. The process to do so varies depending on the browser used.

Here are some ways to do it within the different browsers:

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12. Final considerations:

We reserve the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time, in compliance with the provision of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Any changes to the Privacy Policy of our website will be published online.

This website is owned by DELNEXT and is developed by the company Delnext Unip. Lda., a Portuguese company based in Portugal, with the corporate entity number 513419578 and headquartered at Rua Marciano Tomáz da Costa, 24, Armazém 20, 2739-510, Cacém, Portugal.

If you need to contact us, or if you have any questions or suggestions regarding our Privacy Policy, please do so as follows:

In person

From Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM, at the above-mentioned address.

By mail

In the above-mentioned address (point 12)

By email

General information and DPO:

By phone

Telephone number: +351 211 451 900 (available on working days from 9h00 to 13h00).

    DELNEXT May 2018.

Current Fuel Fee: 12.90%

The Fuel Fee is a supplement that is used in the transport of goods and that derives from the constant variations in fuel prices.

Delnext Fuel Fee History:

February 2023: 14.40%

March 2023: 12.90%

April 2023: 12.90%

May 2023: 11.90%

June 2023: 11.90%

July 2023: 11.90%

August 2023: 14.40%

September 2023: 16.20%

October 2023: 16.20%

November 2023: 15.30%

December 2022: 14.40%

January 2024: 12.90%

February 2024: 14.40%

Delnext Fuel Rate Application Chart:

Diesel Price From (€) Diesel Price To (€) Applicable Delnext Fuel Fee
1,10 € 1,19 € 5,40 %
1,20 € 1,29 € 6,50 %
1,30 € 1,39 € 8,40 %
1,40 € 1,49 € 9,90 %
1,50 € 1,59 € 10,50 %
1,60 € 1,69 € 11,90 %
1,70 € 1,79 € 12,90 %
1,80 € 1,89 € 14,40 %
1,90 € 1,99 € 15,30 %
2,00 € 2,04 € 16,20 %
2,05 € 2,09 € 17,10 %
2,10 € 2,19 € 18,40 %
2,20 € 2,29 € 19,90 %
2,30 € 2,39 € 20,40 %
2,40 € 2,49 € 21,20 %

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