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The Pallet Shipment is ideal for:

  • Companies that need to ship pallets
  • Companies wishing to ship goods internationally
  • Companies that need to send boxes in bulk
  • People who want to send articles in bulk without having to leave home


Delnext provides pallet and groupage services through a network of freight forwarders throughout Europe.

The offer of this service is made with the needs of the companies in mind. Our team speaks 7 different languages so we can meet your needs whatever the country of destination.

We offer a safe service! Your merchandise will always be treated as well as possible, and as it should be, the price is also a Delnext guarantee.

Experienced and certified team

Delnext has an experienced, motivated and well-prepared team to meet the needs of your business. Your satisfaction with our service and pricing is our top priority.

Daily departures to various European destinations

Delnext has the ability to ship your goods on a daily basis. In addition to the groupage service that normally has weekly or bi-weekly departures, we have solutions to get your goods to their destination as quickly as possible.

Delnext is a Certified Company

Delnext is a company that has a freight forwarder certificate, thus fulfilling all legal requirements for the exercise of its activity. We therefore guarantee the safety of your orders and the quality of your shipment to the destination of your choice when you checkout your order from Delnext website.

Goods insurance

If you need to ship your shipments with insurance, Delnext offers you a service tailored to that need, as we will be able to protect your shipments with insurance that will be economical.

Your goods safely delivered to your intended destination

Do you need to ship your goods nationally or internationally? Need a fast, secure and efficient service? Delnext shipping is the best solution!The Delnext service allows you to send your goods quickly, at the best price and in safety!

But how does it work exactly?

After payment is made, the shipping process begins. This is quite simple and fast, and is therefore suitable for sending your goods internationally or nationally.In relation to the collection of your goods, this is done by our logistics partners (recognized nationally and internationally) at the address you want and the next business day after your order is sent.Your shipping guides will also be delivered by our logistics partners in the collection of your order. We guarantee a fast and efficient shipping process.

After the collection of your merchandise (s), they are sent directly to the intended destination by Truck.In the event that no one is present at the intended place of delivery and on the scheduled date, a second attempt is made to deliver on the following working day.

Where can I send my parcel?

To make your request for quotation you can do it through any smartphone or mobile device, in your home or in any other place with internet connection, by accessing the delnext website Budget request, indicating the destination of collection and delivery of your goods.The delnext knows that time is a precious asset, having developed a very fast and convenient service, since it does not need to leave the house to make your request and this takes less than 1 minute to complete.

After the request for quotation of your goods is made, our team will contact you, and the response to your request for quotation will not take more than 1 hour. Forget the usual waiting lines! You will not need to leave the house to do your sending!

When can I send my parcel?

You can order your pallet shipping quote through our website 24 hours a day.We care about our customers, so any questions you may have can also be clarified by our customer support service, available in several languages, from Monday to Friday. This service has been specially developed to answer any question you may have.

The collection of your goods is also a very fast and efficient process, since after having indicated the address of collection of the goods in the budget of your shipment and after payment, your collection will be made the next business day.

Why send it with Delnext?

Delnext has developed the new pallet dispatch service with special attention to companies that need to send goods at international and national level.Through its experience of working with more than 600 e-commerce companies and also with other physical companies, stores, and private customers, designed a service that guarantees the speed and security in the delivery of pallets.

We assure you an international and national shipping of goods at the best prices on the market!

Delnext also demonstrates its concern with its customers, having developed a fast and efficient customer service that is capable and available to answer and clarify any questions you may have. We also have a freight forwarder certificate, thus ensuring that we are certified and that we comply with all legal requirements. In this way you can send your goods with Delnext, since we will send them safely and quickly to the destination you want.

Start saving on shipping your goods! Send your pallets with Delnext!


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