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International Shipping: ITALY  

Italia ... La Bella Italia! Italy is known for having a shape similar to a boot and its magnificent cities, with all kinds of museums and lots of places full of history, is a very desirable destination for tourists. But Italy is much more than a country with beautiful cities, its economy is one of the most developed in the world, being in the top 5 of the largest European economies. Italy is ranked as the twenty-fourth most developed country in the world, having a high level of quality of life that includes the top 10 globally. The country boot boasts a high standard of living and has a high nominal GDP per capita.

In Italy live more than 60 million people, so it is the fourth country of the European Union with more habitants. The most populous cities are Rome (the capital), Milan, Naples, Turin and Palermo (Sicily) respectively; however it is in northern Italy living more people.

For all the reasons named above, Italy is a very attractive market for any company that has an online business.


You can send your order for Italy to Delnext in two ways: through the Classic Delivery (by truck), in this case the value of the shipment will be very economical and will reach your destination in just 4 working days after carried out the collection, or via Express Delivery (by airplane) in this case delivery is performed within 48 to 72 hours.

You may have many reasons to send a parcel to Italy, is to have family or friends in this country, to have customers who want to send your order because your child is of Erasmus, why will visit Italy and want to send your bags ... make your submission earlier today by Delnext without leaving home and enjoy our super economic prices.

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