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International Shipping: NETHERLANDS  

Holland, a country small in terms territorial but extremely populated, with almost 17 million inhabitants. The Netherlands, also known as the country of tulips, is one of the countries with the best quality of life in the world. Its unemployment rate is the lowest in the EU, and for this and other economic reasons of the Dutch purchasing power is very high.

The Netherlands is known for its flowers, windmills, bicycles and its liberalism in political, economic and social, and it is a matter of attraction and interest for many people visiting that country, especially its Amsterdam capital.

If you have a business there are several reasons why you may be interesting to invest in the Dutch market, as stated the Dutch have much purchasing power, almost everyone speaks English (which facilitates communication) and despite being a small country geographically, have many people used to make purchases over the internet and abroad.


Delnext has two types of shipping to the Netherlands: Classic Delivery (by truck), this option and the value of the shipment will be quite economic and arrive at destination in 4-6 business days after carried out the collection, or by Express Delivery (by airplane) in which the delivery will be a period of time of 48 to 72 hours.

The reasons why you may need to submit a request to the Netherlands may be several, is to have family or friends in this country, to have customers who want to send your order because your child is of Erasmus or for any other reason ... make your submission earlier today by Delnext without leaving home and enjoy our extremely affordable prices.

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