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Why choose Delnext shipping services?

Delnext knows its customers and for that reason has developed several services specific and adapted to the needs of the different customers that use Delnext. Currently, Delnext has carried out more than 190 thousand submissions, working with more than 600 e-commerce companies and also other physical companies, people who want to send their orders and Erasmus students.

Due to the existing concern with our customers, we also develop a 24-hour customer support service via e-mail, telephone or via our social networks, which is available in several languages ??for any of the referral services above.
Delnext is a certified company with a freight forwarder certificate, which allows our customers users of our shipping services to be certified that Delnext meets any legal requirements.

Delnext knows that international shipments can have very high prices and therefore designed its services to break down barriers in Europe, having unbeatable prices, providing a safe and fast shipment to its customers.

Where can I make my shipment?

All Delnext shipping services allow you to place your order without having to leave your home or move around, and you can do so through any smartphone, computer or other mobile device. We can save you time and money, through a comfortable service adapted to their needs.

In addition to all these shipping services, Delnext also has an online store through which you will be able to purchase all the materials needed to pack your orders if you do not already have them.

In certain services such as the delivery of pallets, the sending of wine and the dedicated service or of couriers, a request for budget must be made to which our team will respond in less than 1 hour. This request for quotation can be made online 24 hours a day, just by accessing the Delnext websiteBudget Request.

When can I use Delnext send services?

You can use Delnext shipping services at any time of the day, with the ordering service available 24 hours a day. In addition to not having to worry about the time of day, it only takes 1 minute for your order to be completed by accessing the Delnext website through your computer or a mobile device. Delnext knows that your time is money, so we have developed a service that allows you to make your order quickly and sent your parcels as quickly as possible at the best prices on the market.

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