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International Shipping: FRANCE  

Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse and Nice, are in that order the five largest French cities. The total population is about sixty-three million people and it is estimated to live in France more than half a million Portuguese. In terms of territory France is the largest country of the European Union. Therefore is very likely that you have friends or family in this country.

The question in our mind is: how often have you thought sending something to your family, friends or even customers living in France? Whether It's because you want to send a birthday gift or a Christmas present, or simply because you want to send a reminder of Portugal, because your child is in Erasmus and needs more clothes, or because you go on holidays and you have no room for all of the things that you want to carry on your suitcase ... Delnext is the simplest and most cost-effective solution for you to send what you want for France!

If you have a business, keep in mind that France is one of the most developed countries of the World, the ninth largest in purchasing power globally and second in European terms. As for economic issues, France has the second largest economy in all of Europe and one of the largest in the world. With this said, the French market is definitely one of the European country with greater potential if you want to invest in sending orders.


You can send your order to France with Delnext by two ways: through the Classic Delivery (by truck), in this case the value of the shipment will be extremely economical and arrive at destination in 5-6 business days after the collection, or through the Express Delivery (by airplane) delivery will take place within 48 to 72 hours.

France assumes itself as the third largest importer of Portuguese products at European level, so you may have many reasons to send an order to France, whether is because you have family or friends there, or because you have customers who want to send an order because their child is in Erasmus in Gallic lands or for any other reason ... do your orders today by Delnext without leaving home and enjoy our extremely affordable prices.

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