Conditions of Use

OTerms and Conditions are present on this page. For any questions or clarification please contact us. These "Terms and Conditions" may be updated at any time to include a greater number of situations.

1. Terms

Access and Use of this site is subject to the following Terms and Conditions. By using this site, you agree to these Terms and Conditions. They can be changed at any time without notice, so we recommend that you visit this page regularly to keep abreast of any changes that may exist.

2. Access

Access to this site is permitted on a temporary basis. We reserve the right to amend, withdraw or restrict access to parts or the entire site without notice. We are not liable if for any reason the site is unavailable.

3. Privacy

Our Privacy Policy, which governs how we use your information, can be found at Privacy Policy. By using this site, you agree to information described in our Privacy Policy, and ensures that all data provided by you are correct.

4. Intellectual property

The content on this site, including text, graphics, images and other information, is protected by intellectual property and copyright rights and is the exclusive property of Delnext.
You may not use or ownership of the content of this site for personal or commercial purposes without the written consent of Delnext.

5. Content

All content herein is provided "as is". The content published on this site is provided without warranty that is free of errors, including descriptions and prices of services. We reserve the right to refuse orders if the published information is incorrect or price.

6. Conduct

The user undertakes to comply with applicable law, and to act in good faith and make use of the site so as not to offend any third party rights. It is forbidden to submit or distribute offensive, threatening, defamatory, commit or encourage crimes and send advertising or promotional material unsolicited. It is also prohibited from posting messages create or introduce any viruses or advise others to do so.

7. Governing Law

Delnext is operated by a company based in Portugal and follows the Portuguese law. All content and services marketed are allowed in Portugal. We do not guarantee that the content or services sold is permitted in other countries. If you are a visitor or foreign client, access the Web site and product orders is done on their own initiative, be responsible for compliance with local laws, if applicable.

8. Conditions of Sale

When placing an order, you agree to the following terms of sale. All requests are subject to availability of services, pricing and confirmation of acceptance of your order.
To place an order, you must be 18 or more years and is committed to provide real data to enable the processing of your application successfully.
When you place an order, you will receive a summary email. This email does not constitute acceptance of your order, but the recognition of their buying interest. The sales contract is established when you receive an email notification that your order has been shipped.
We reserve the right not to accept orders for discretionary reasons.

9. Pricing and Availability

Although we take measures to ensure that all information, such as price, promotion and availability of services, some errors may occur. If detected an error related to the price of your order, we reserve the right to cancel the order. If you have already paid the order, it will be repaid in full.
Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. For the latest prices may need to refresh the page, and these are only valid except for computer input error. Exchange rates may allow prices vary frequently.

10. Payment and shipping Order

Delnext offers various payment methods. Orders will only be sent upon receipt of the total amount of your order

10.1 Checkout with PayPal

You can pay quickly and securely with your PayPal account without having to share any financial information with us. You just have to login to PayPal for payment.

10.2 Checkout with ATM

You can pay quickly and securely by ATM without having to share any financial information with us. Confirmation of payment is immediate.

10.3 Checkout with Credit Card

You can pay quickly and securely with your credit card. The Delnext has Secure payment and this ensures complete confidentiality of the data entered.

10.4 Payment by bank transfer

Depending on various circumstances, your order may have to be paid by bank transfer. In this case the payment confirmation time may take up to 48 hours. The customer must send proof of payment by email to

11. Object

Delnext is just an Order Transport Management company, and the service is limited to the organization of the collection, transport organization and order fulfillment organization to the agreed destination with the Dispatcher / Customer, in the country and internationally. All orders are sent by transport companies and freight forwarders partners Delnext and never by Delnext. These terms and conditions may not be removed or changed by any employee, officer, agent, employee, service provider or subcontractor of Delnext. The Delnext is a transportation intermediary of their orders. Freight transport is done by transport companies or forwarding partner of Delnext. After placing an order, you agree that your order and your data will be provided to our partners or any other company that is in the business of transport. Agree that we may use any carrier chosen by Delnext.

12. Prohibited items

Note that some items are prohibited and can not be carried by any of our services. Confirm that your product is not in the list of prohibited items above. We reserve the right to deal with any prohibited articles in our sole discretion, without being liable in any way by you or by the order of the recipient. This means that even if the shipment is held, will not be covered by insurance, and are not responsible for any possible damage or loss. We reserve the right to charge and collect all kinds of costs that prohibited goods sent by itself may cause. However if the client want to send any of the prohibited items through our services, please contact us so we can present budget for the transport of such goods, and whenever there is a transfer of any of the objects present in the list of prohibited objects, there the obligation to conclude a written contract between the Delnext and the customer, without this contract Delnext is not responsible for any damage that the movement of this order may cause and may set customer responsibility for any occorrência that might happen with transportation the order.

13. Shipping & Returns

The signature of the recipient in its delivery of paper or in an electronic device or any other object presented by courier constitutes proof of delivery of orders. In certain situations and depending on the delivery partner, the order can be delivered to a recipient's neighbor, there is also the possibility of the courier to leave the package in a safe place without the recipient's signature is required, finally and as an alternative delivery can be performed in an alternate address.

Delnext's partners will make a delivery attempt in the recipient's address on weekdays and between 8.00 and 20.00, if you can not make the delivery on the first attempt, the partner will in principle make a second attempt at delivery Next Business Day (if this does not happen tentateremos schedule new delivery attempt). After two delivery attempts not achieved the Delnext may require an additional payment for the third delivery attempt (this depends on our discretion and delivery partner).

If delivery is unsuccessful the parcel is returned to the premises of Delnext and its return to the customer / shipper will have the same cost as the sending as such if it is returned to Delnext will issue a new invoice with the same value of the shipment and only after paid this invoice, the order will be returned to the client / shipper. After a year without orders not delivered and stored in Delnext facilities are properly claimed or raised by the shipper / customer ownership of same goes for Delnext can this give the most appropriate destination to them having the right to be compensated of costs incurred in storage. If we consider that the parcel is damaged and can not be delivered because in our view is likely to be unsafe or dangerous reserve the right to order the disposal damaged immediately and do with it what I understand, for example, provide for their destruction.

14. Inspection Law

The Customer acknowledges that, where justified, the Delnext, another shipping company or freight forwarder our partner, or any other governmental authority, including customs, have the right to open and inspect the orders entrusted without the exercise of this right call into question the fact that Customer is solely responsible for the authenticity of their statements. If the order suffer any penalty or fine for lack of documents or for any other reason related to the order content, the responsibility for payment of such penalty or fine is the responsibility of the shipper / customer.

15. General Conditions of Orders and Transport Services and information about weights and dimensions

(a) Delnext or one of its partners does not provide package transportation services if it fulfills the following characteristics: worth more than € 300.00 (three hundred euros), unless otherwise authorized by Delnext; They constitute a danger to human life or animal; consists of polluting material, or involving a risk of stain or damage other goods carried by Delnext or partner Delnext; when the transport, import or export prohibited by applicable law; is not made, when necessary, customs declaration. The Delnext can not operate transport of dangerous goods and / or valuable ICAO on the list, IATA regulation ADR or any other national or international regulations which are referenced such products. The shipper / customer undertakes to inform the Delnext non visible specifics of the order when they may have impact on traffic of the same. If the consignor / client trusts the Delnext products listed exclusions previously referenced, omitting this fact to the Delnext, it will be solely responsible for any damage that any transport may cause the Delnext or others. Goods or objects that are prohibited by any law of all sanctions, for example due to its content, the consignee or the country of destination or origin. Sanctions laws include all laws, regulations and measures that definiem sanctions (including trade restrictions and economic sanctions) countries, individuals or entities, including but not limited imposed by the United Nations, the European Union and member states of the European Union;

b) Packaging and Content: Customer / Shipper is responsible for all costs and damages resulting from inaccuracy or insufficient information contained in the detransporte guide and / or delivery of electronic information relating to goods and recipient and by it to its attention. The Client / Dispatcher uses the software Delnext to proceed to issue orders and therefore should ensure that all volumes are labeled and the necessary electronic information is transmitted via electronic files. If any, by the Client / or dispatcher the Delnext, lack of electronic information, incorrect labeling or identification of packages and enter into Delnext contact with the customer and by default the goods will be retained the days needed to clarify the situation. They are apart from the Where was agreed with the Client that when such a situation occurs, the Delnext and its partners are allowed to proceed to remedy the situation and make the transportation to the recipient. You must pack the order in packaging closed, sturdy and appropriate content and the specific requirements and transport, as well as any requirements specific destination. Otherwise the order will be transported at the risk of the consignor, getting Delnext desresponsabilizada for any occurrence in the same. Customer is responsible for all damages caused in orders third parties or in material Delnext due to defects of the goods or packaging issued by the Client. Customer is also responsible for delivering all necessary documentation to the appropriate transport in accordance with applicable law, as well as for providing information and the correct completion of the carriage. The Customer shall reimburse Delnext to pay fines relating to the inaccuracy or inadequacy of the indications of the consignment note or document Client equivalent inspection result by the competent authorities.

c) Weight and Dimensions: Customer / consignor is obliged to inform the Delnext the correct weight and dimensions of property for transportation when making the order. The reserves the Delnext right to rectify any difference in weight or volume must be stated. The maximum weight is volumetric weight or actual weight (see Article 20) of each order is 30 Kg. Regarding the dimensions the order can not be more than 70 cm either side and can not have a dimension that exceeds the volumetric weight of 30 kg (see Article 20). Orders with higher measures will be referred to compulsory prior consultation. As such if the customer / shipper wants to send an order with superioes the dimensions indicated, will have to make an e-mail request for budget

d)If the customer place the order online via the delnext site - - and indicate that the package has measures to lower that in fact the commission has actually the Delnext will not proceed to dispatch them once the weight and measures interfere with the value of each order. In these situations the Delnext will measure and electronically regret orders and will contact the customer in order to introduce the correct value (or lack thereof) with respect to that order and the customer must settle the value so that the order can be sent, only after the value to be paid will ship the order. If the customer refuses to pay the amount missing, the Delnext will make the return of the goods to the same address where the order was collected and will not make a return or refund the amount paid. Finally if the order does not have the dimensions given by the customer to Delnext beyond the order value of the difference may also apply an additional charge of handling the amount of € 9.90 + VAT.

e)All orders must be accompanied of original and duplicate invoice outside the box in the case of a purchase or sale. If the order contents are a gift or a particular good if it is not a commercial sale, the customer shall place on the outside of the box a pro forma invoice indicating the content. The Delnext is not responsible for any fine / fine charged by the competent authorities to order if the subject of an inspection.

16. Responsibility

Unless otherwise provided by law and subject to compliance with the provisions of clause 17 of the present conditions, the Delnext only accounts for damages that are a result of the loss, damage or loss that the goods suffer during transport or in Delnext facilities when such facts are demonstrably attributable to willful misconduct or gross negligence title with the limits laid down in these general conditions. Such liability is limited to the formulation of accurate and complete reservations by the recipient upon delivery of the order. The Delnext will not be responsible for any damage that have no adequate causal link with its willful misconduct or seriously culpable. The Delnext We will not be responsible for future damages, consequential damages or lost profits. The Delnext shall not be liable to order or portion thereof is lost, misplace, damage or delay as a result of force majeure or acts or omissions by the customer, the customer or third party, namely: Insufficient or incorrect address, deficient Fill the Transport tab, bad packaging and packaging; The responsibility of Delnext is still excluded when the loss or damage results from the risks inherent in any of the following: missing or defective packing respect of goods which, by their nature, are subject to loss or damage when not packed estãodevidamente; handling, loading, stowage or unloading of the goods by the shipper / customer or the consignee or persons acting for their behalf; insufficiency or inadequacy of marks or symbols of volumes, where applicable. The rate applied by Delnext It includes the price of insurance in order to cover losses and damage on the transport of order to the value of € 250.00. In addition the customer may agree on a surcharge for superior coverage. The Delnext undertakes to make every effort in order to make the provision of service within estimated / predicted. In the event of late delivery the liability is limited to the carrying value and indeminização by delay can not exceed the stated value and is payable only where the person concerned to show that it resulted in injury.

17. Complaints

In case of apparent defect in the goods or defective packaging, the recipient must, when the goods are accepted, make accurate and complete reservations. If the recipient receives the goods without reservations, it is assumed that the goods are in good condition. Complaints against Delnext shall be notified in writing within 15 days from receipt of order date. If not timely notified the Delnext can not be liable. The claim must be substantiated and accompanied by documentary evidence of the damage or loss, such as: Document formal complaint, delivery note, invoice cost of copying and sales document to the customer. In case of damage the customer must keep the order if the Delnext decide to do a collection of objects damaged if the Delnext can not collect the damaged parcel, do not we responsible for the content thereof. The Delnext not accept to be suspended, delayed or secured payments of invoices for services, justified by delays in resolving complaints.

18. Several

Unless otherwise specified, "working days" do not include Saturdays, Sundays or holidays.

19. The Customer Obligations / dispatcher

You agree:

(a) To ensure that the information provided in the Shipping table is complete and accurate;

(b) To cooperate in all matters related to our service;

(c) Provide us access to their premises, domicile, offices and other facilities where these are the point of collection or delivery point and be responsible for ensuring that they are free from hazardous materials and do not pose a risk to the health and safety of our employees or employees of our partners;

(d) Provide the information and material required in order to supplying the service and ensure that such information is accurate in all material aspects;

(e) You agree that you shall not be required, and that will not cause us to have to carry out illegal activities (either in Portugal or any other country to which the order will be delivered). You agree that if you do this, you must indemnify us against loss and / or damage that we may suffer as a result;

(f) We will not without specific written agreement separately carry any of the items contained in the prohibited items list;

(g) We reserve the right to refuse to carry any order at our discretion;

By using Delnext, you know that you cannot send the following Itens (all of them are prohibited):



Air Bag

Alcoholic Beverages


Animals Of Any Form (Alive Or Dead)

Any Item Containing Petrol (Liquid, Gas Or Fumes)

Aromatherapy Oil


Biological Samples

Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards



Christmas Crackers

Counterfeit Currency

Credit/Debit/Cash Cards

Dangerous Goods

Driving Licence

Drugs (Including Prescription)



Fire Extinguisher

Fish (Live Or Dead)

Food Items (Perishable Goods)




Hazardous Goods

Human Remains or Human Flesh

Infectious Substances

Item Described As "Unknown"






Lottery Tickets


Medical Equipment


Nail Varnish





Perishable Good

Perishable Goods (All)


Replica Weapons

Seatbelt Tensioner



Slush Syrup


Stamps (Unless Franked)

Steering Wheel


Tobacco And Tobacco Products


Vehicle Bonnet

Vehicle Bumper




Privacy & policies

At Delnext we recognize and respect your right to privacy.

See below our Privacy Policy about how we collect your information and for what purposes it is used.

1. Collection of information

Personal data provided by you is important for us to know you better and provide you with targeted information, products and services. This information is stored in our database enabling better customer experience. The information is used by us and is intended to facilitate your site navigation and future purchases.

During your navigation through the site, we will collect some data about the navigation and user, such as date of visit, IP address and browser type. This data is important for statistical analysis and improvements to the website, in order to give you a better browsing experience.

In the buying process of any product or service, we will ask for some personal data (name, address, city, etc.) that is needed to identify you as client, so that we can accept your order. If the information provided is potentially inaccurate, we may need to verify the information by phone before your order is accepted.

2. Use of Information

We do not disclose your personal information however we can sell your personal information to other legal companies and they just can use your data for commercial proposes. The information we collect is used by us for purposes such as checking the request, facilitate order fulfillment, statistical analysis, improving browsing experience and site content submission. If you subscribe our newsletter, we may send you press releases, promotional materials and other informations by e-mail. If you wish, you may unsubscribe at any time. You can also receive other newsletters or other emails from different companies with commercial purposes, we are not responsible for the policies of the emails you can receive from other companies.

3. Registration and Receiving Newsletter

The registration of your e-mail can be used to disseminate information and promotions. At any time, you may choose not to receive this information. Simply change your preferences in "My Account" or send us an email from your customer account e-mail, with "Remove" in the subject. If you receive newsletters from other companies, we are not responsible for the policies of the emails you can receive from other companies.

The subscription does not create any contractual relationship with the company, it only gives you access to our special promotions and services.

4. Cookies

Cookies are small data files transferred from a website to your computer disc. We may use cookies to identify you if you return to our site. Cookies do not contain personal information such as name, address, credit card number and other information deemed confidential.

The browsers allow you to delete existing cookies on your computer, block its use or can tell if a cookie is stored in your hard drive. However, if your browser blocks cookies, you can not register and join our site or make purchases through the site. To make purchases without having cookies enabled, please contact us .

5. Security

Your information is stored on secure computers. To ensure your privacy and security, we do not divulge your password to others.

Delnext offers a SSL secure connection accessible in the relevant pages, such as login, registration, checkout and payment pages.

6. Changes to Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time.

7. Questions and Further Information

For questions or further information regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us .

Fuel Rate Conditions

Actual Fuel Fee is: 12.90%

Delnext Fuel Fee history

Diesel Price From (€) Diesel Price To (€) Applicable Delnext Fuel Fee
1,10 € 1,19 € 5,40 %
1,20 € 1,29 € 6,50 %
1,30 € 1,39 € 8,40 %
1,40 € 1,49 € 9,90 %
1,50 € 1,59 € 10,50 %
1,60 € 1,69 € 11,90 %
1,70 € 1,79 € 12,90 %
1,80 € 1,89 € 14,40 %
1,90 € 1,99 € 15,30 %
2,00 € 2,04 € 16,20 %
2,05 € 2,09 € 17,10 %
2,10 € 2,19 € 18,40 %
2,20 € 2,29 € 19,90 %
2,30 € 2,39 € 20,40 %
2,40 € 2,49 € 21,20 %
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