International Delivery

Send what you want to any European
Union Country without leaving home.

Incredible prices and fast deliveries


We make all the job for you: with Delnext
you can save money and time because is
very easy to order through our website, we
will pick up your parcel and delivery at any
destination in European Union

Send a international parcel from 3€

Furtonately to who want to send goods, the European
Union allow us to send parcels without customs or any
other fee.

Now with Delnext, send a international parcel is even
easier, just introduce the countries from and to where
you want to send your parcel to get instant quotes.

The only thing you need to have in attention is the way
you pack your parcel, don't forget that is important to
protect all your goods so we can delivery it in perfect

Track you parcel Online

With Delnext you can get informations and know exacly
whereyour parcel is and when you have any doubt just contact
ourc ustomer service, we will give you a fast answer

We take care of your parcel

We have various missions, one of them is take care of
your parcel as if it were our. So we will do everything we
can to make sure you parcel will be delivered in time

Get 50% Discount

Is very easy to get discount with Delnext, you just need
to invite someone that need to send anything, once he
or she send a parcel with Delnext we give you 50%
discount on your next order

5 times cheaper than Post Office

With our service you can send a parcel without leaving home and
you can enjoy of magnific prices, which sometimes are 5 times cheaper
than the Post Office depending of the weight of your parcel

Delnext is very simple to use and my first choice
always when I want to send things to my sister in London


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