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  • Massimo Cipollaro
    2018-01-08 09:00:12
    All good and all perfect !!!! Many Thanks !!!!
  • fernanda ruiz valero
    2018-01-08 08:53:34
    less well in the pickup was a day later
  • Pedro Lucas
    2017-11-25 11:12:09
    Have no complaint the point. The service met the expectations. Collected on the day it was supposed to and delivered within the deadline. I have found no other company that could make such a low price. I paid around 17€ to send a suitcase to Germany (Frankfurt). I am satisfied and recommend the service of this company.
  • Ines Rodrigues
    2017-10-24 08:58:47
    A encomenda chegou em excelentes condicoes. O unico ponto que poderia melhorar é apenas o tempo de entrega para o Reino Unido. De resto recomendo a delnext. Nao e primeira fez que uso e não será a última.
  • Armando Grilo
    2017-10-11 15:56:29
    I can only say well and so, I make a point of registering my comment. I sent a suitcase with clothes to England with about 15 kgs. I chose standard shipping (cheaper option), the price was much better than any other option in the competition and it was delivered within 7 working days, less 2 than the delivery estimate. Highly recommend.
  • Ana Amaro
    2017-10-10 17:48:10
    I think you can improve on the increase of collection sites. For the rest, the service is excellent. Thank you.
  • Nuno Santos
    2017-10-08 19:31:21
    They were fantastic!!! Since the customer support up to the time of delivery which was super fast!
  • Luis Colares
    2017-09-22 22:45:09
    Top! I have to admit that surprised me. They delivered the same on time, since they made the pick-up to destination. I just think that could be an hour +/- marked in advance, for collection., since I had the whole day without knowing if they'd come and what time. In the rest so I can recommend their services. Thank you for the good service provided.
  • Beatriz Tavares
    2017-09-14 11:23:51
    I have some experience in international shipping, it was now the first time that I used the services DELNEXT, just have to say that with quality, speed and price I do not know of another company. So count me in for more shipments. very satisfied
    2017-07-13 11:16:02
    Ex. mos Gentlemen It was the first time that I used your services, after years of using competitors of your, I admit that, the better the service that preestam there is in the market either by an exchange of information "via e-mail" either by speed or by price I am truly delighted, I will certainly continue to use and recommend the service which they perform, are, congratulations, thank you. I only have a point to report is the contact number that offer (9101632029) no one attends, I think it would be important to have a contact number that works, especially for when the collection order is selected, is that in my case I work in a distribution for the public and is only open till 17: 00 and as the collections are till 20H00, there may be a displacement in the collection, but certainly that the company will have solutions for this issue, As I mentioned above I will continue to work with the DELNEXT and also to recommend, because I was impressed with the service, until the next. Greetings José Brotas
  • Veronica Nonis
    2017-06-08 15:47:28
    Shipping Portugal - Italy nice!!! 6 days total to get the packages directly to your home! also good is the found of the sms to alert you of the movements and of the delivery. Also, one of the boxes sent was broken and they had the care of the passage of the adhesive tape and put it back in the sixth. Perfect!
  • roberto huerta garcia
    2016-09-11 11:29:27
    Cheap, very cheap, that if from Spain, slow so I give them 4 stars, they should look for alternatives to Spanish customers, how much more faster better and good price.
  • Antonio Salvador
    2016-04-04 19:15:06
    Muito bom! Tenho vários familiares a viver no estrangeiro e por isso preciso de enviar encomendas internacionais frequentemente. A equipa da Delnext desde o inicio que me ajudou a criar as encomendas, o serviço é rápido e económico. Estou extremamente satisfeito. Obrigado!
  • Diego Campos
    2016-04-04 18:04:48
    Estou muito satisfeito com os serviços prestados pela Delnext. O meu filho está de erasmus em Roma e tenho enviado coisas frequentemente para lá pela Delnext. Já enviei encomendas expressas e encomendas com o serviço mais lento, em ambas as situações as entregas foram feitas dentro do tempo previsto. A equipa está sempre disponível para ajudar!
  • Rui Antunes
    2016-03-14 18:50:40
    I sent a package to the United Kingdom and arrived in good condition and within the time stipulated. Just don't give 5 stars because the package had 6 kg and I had to pay 7 kg because of the dimensions of the package (which they weren't no exaggeration). But anyway I am very happy because I was able to send for half the price of what you used to pay for CTT.
  • Catia Henriques
    2016-03-09 23:06:15
    I sent a package to Sabadell (Spain), was delivered in 12:00 am. I'm satisfied.
  • Andre Bernardes
    2016-03-09 16:29:25
    My online store has been growing with the help of Delnext because it reduces the value of sizes and it generated more orders to foreign countries. The only thing I have to point out is that he liked that the shipments to England were faster, moreover to other countries all impeccable. Fast and cheap!
  • João Carlos Lages
    2016-02-29 16:44:47
    Faultless service, dynamic team, young, very affordable and very economical. I am very satisfied. João Carlos Lages
  • Mateus Gomes
    2016-02-26 23:10:54
    I discovered Delnext because I sell products on ebay and need to send orders to customers abroad. For some time trying to find an alternative to the post office, but they were all too expensive. So far with all 5 star went Delnext. Cheap and good delivery service. Keep it up.

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