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Why use this tool?

This tool was created to help you to save time, instead of introducing address by address manually you can with one click create all the addresses of your customers, so instead of creating labels manually you can create unlimited labels in seconds automatically. But this is not just to save time, this tool also prevent mistakes, when you introduce data manually you can of course introduce wrong information by mistake, specially when you have to introduce many addresses, with this tool you are free of mistakes.


CSV File

A CSV file is a type of excel format that separate information by commas. With a very simple development you can download it from your website with all addresses and data of your customers. Then you can upload that CSV to our website to create all labels you need automatically. Finally you will save time to make other things, like increase sales!

TXT File

TXT is a file provided for windows for free. This is another option you have to create automatic labels through the website of Delnext. It works the same way as a CSV file and for that reason you can choose which type of file you want to upload, to create easily the addresses to send your parcels.


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