Delnext Go Green
Send your parcels without harming the environment. In partnership with Reflora


We calculate all sources of carbon emissions to reduce the environmental footprint


With a small contribution, you can offset the carbon footprint of your deliveries


In partnership with Reflora, we support qualified projects that impact the climate and biodiversity

Ship parcels with Delnext sustainably

Delnext is a company that cares about sustainability. We aim to provide shipping options that have the least possible impact on the environment and consequently on the environmental footprint.

Those who choose to place their orders using the new Delnext Go Green shipping method are reducing their environmental footprint, as all sources of carbon emissions were calculated for this purpose; to offset the carbon footprint of their deliveries through a small contribution; and impact, because, in partnership with Reflora, Delnext will support qualified projects that positively impact the climate and biodiversity.

It should be noted that this green service will have a positive impact on the environment, but it will not be different on the wallet, as the value for sending orders offsetting the carbon footprint is reduced.

Green shipments are carried out by Delnext and we managed to make them sustainable through the partnership we established with Reflora, a sustainability solutions company that helps companies around the world to make more assertive decisions to reduce carbon emissions, was Delnext partner this new Go Green shipping method.

Value of Green deliveries

Creating impact is not expensive. With the help of Reflora, we calculated the sources of emissions to offset them. Send your orders compensating the carbon footprint by the following values:
- From Portugal to Portugal: 0.03€
- From Portugal to Spain: 0.04€
- From Portugal to other countries: 0.11€

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