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Amazon intergration with Delnext

Simple as 1, 2, 3

See the simple three steps below to link your Magento store with delnext


Allow Magento Access

In order to connect Magneto Store with Delenxt. Navigate from the Admin Menu to System > Web Services > Roles. Now Add a new role and from the roles resources select all. After creating a new role from the admin menu navigate to System > Web Services > Users Add a new user and from the user role check the newly created role. While adding a new user Api Key and User Name is what Delenxt needed to create a connection.

Go to Magento Access


Link Magento Account

After you have created a new role and a user it's time to connect your magento store with Delnext. Give generated Api Key, Username, Store name, Store URL to our connection magento page (link below).

Link Account Now


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Once you complete the first two steps, you may need our help to understand how you can easily introduce data and conclude your orders. As we said before is simple as 1,2,3. So our explanation will only take 2 minutes. Contact us now and start to do orders automaticaly today.

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