Tutto quello che facciamo è semplice! Guarda come funziona il tutto


Scegli dove vuoi mandare il tuo pacco



Preleveremo il pacco dove vuoi tu



Consegneremo il pacco in modo sicuro alla tua destinazione


Sarai soddisfatto e risparmierai soldi

Spedisci gli ordini senza uscire di casa!

Choose where you want to send your parcel

This part is up to you! You just need to know to where you want to send your parcel and see how much will it cost through Delnext website. Just introduce the country of destination and get instant quotes. You can send it by airplane (Express Service) or by Truck (Classic Service).

We will pick up your parcel where you want

With Delnext you don't need to leave home to send your parcel. We will pick up it where you want! When you are creating your order, we will ask you for a sender addres, it is where we will pick up your parcel with one of our partners. Once you finish your order we will send you an email informing when will we pick up your parcel.

We will delivery your parcel safely at your destination

Delnext work with recognized and reputable partners who can guarantee a top quality service of delivering parcels. However is very important that you package very well your parcel with tape strong glue to make sure your parcel will be delivered safely and securely. If you are not at destination address when the deliver happens, we will try to delivery again next business day.

You will be happy and save money

With Delnext you can send what you want to where you want without leaving home and without spending lots of money. The normal prices to send an international parcel are normaly very high but with Delnext you can send a national or international parcel with the best price available on the market. 100% Guarantee!
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