Urgent delivery
Delivers by plane between 24h to 72 h

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Delivers in 24-72 hours
All parcels with
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Urgent delivery is ideal for:

  • People who have urgency in shipment or delivery
  • Urgent shipments or parcels
  • Companies that need to send their parcels fast
  • People who want to save money while sending a parcel

Urgent delivery by plane

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Delnext knows that is important for you to send a parcel in safety and with fastness to the recipient you choose. With the Urgent delivery, we deliver your parcel in a safe and fast way to the recipient you want between 24 and 72 hours (depending on the recipient Country). Through urgent delivery your parcels will be transported by plane or truck.

But how does it work exactly?

When you finish paying your shipment order, you receive your transportation guide in your email. After that, we collect your parcel in the address you chose when you did your checkout. The collection of your parcel will be made in the next working day by one of our logistic partners.

After we collect your parcel, it will come to our warehouse in the Cacém (Lisbon) industrial zone, and after that it will be shipped to recipient you chose.

You will be able to track your parcel during 24 hours through our online tracking service and you will also be able to know the day when your parcel will be delivered to recipient you pretend.

If in the delivery moment, no one is in the address of recipient chosen in the checkout order, it will be scheduled a new collection in the next day.

Our service of urgent delivery was designed to answer the urgent needs of our clients of sending parcels very fast to the pretended recipient. Because of this we developed a service easy to use and fast, needing only 1 minute to do your order.

Nowadays this service is used by more than 600 e-commerce companies and also by Erasmus Students, physical companies and stores, and any common person that just want to send a parcel internationally.

Start saving now and enjoy the fastest parcels shipment!

Where can I send my parcel?

Your shipment order can be made through home, your computer or any mobile device, just having to accede Delnext website. This order only takes 1 minute to be made. After you pick the recipient where you want your parcels to be collected, we will send your parcel, guaranteeing fastness and safety in your shipment.

When can I send my parcel?

The parcels shipment service of Delnext is available 24 hours a day, not having to worry about the schedule of your order and shipment. To know the exact localization where your parcel is, you won’t need to worry also with the time of the day because our online tracking service is available at any time of the day.

Our parcels collection service is very fast, after you have indicated where you want to make the collection of your parcel in the checkout of your order, it will be done in the next working day.

Why send it with Delnext?

Our service allows our clients to use an innovative parcels shipment service. Through our innovative service, we will guarantee the fastness, security and commodity of your shipment, at the best prices, our prices are 85% lower than the traditional post offices. Delnext has also a big experience in the parcels shipment, working with physical stores, more than 600 e-commerce companies and common persons that want to send a parcel internationally.

We have created the urgent delivery service specially for people that desire to make an International urgent shipment. This way we will allow you to have the experience of having an easy shipment without having to leave home, with a fast and safe delivery in the pretended recipient.

Any doubt you may have about your shipment, we have a customer support service with a faster answer, that will guarantee that any doubt is answered efficiently and quickly.

Delnext has a Freight forwarder certificate, guaranteeing that we meet any legal requirements and that we are certified.

Because of this you can send your parcels safely to the recipient you have chosen at the best prices in the market!

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