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Volumetric Weight

Volumetric weight was a methodology that transport companies created to prevent the shipment of very bulky (relatively small) merchandise. Thus the volumetric weight is a way of taking into account the size of the goods to be transported by the transport companies. Normally when carrying an order or merchandise the weight to be considered will take into account the actual and volumetric weight to ensure that a particular shipment does not occupy too much space in the vehicle that transports it. The goal of companies is to monetize the space and weight available in their transport vehicles.

Why do we use Volumetric weight?

If the items are rather bulky and heavy, there is a need to apply the volumetric weight instead of the real weight. This is a formula that couriers apply to prevent an order with little weight, can take up too much space. For example, if a truck or airplane carrying polystyrene, the actual weight of the load will always be low taking into account the size of the polystyrene will occupy, hence the need to apply this solution.

How do we calculate Volumetric Weight?

The website automatically calculates the volumetric weight, however, to establish the same, it will be necessary to apply a simple formula: in meters multiply the length (L) of the order by height (H) by the width (W) by 200, the result is the volumetric weight of the shipment. For example, if a parcel has a length of 30cm, height of 25cm and width of 20cm, the formula is: 0.30 * 0.25 * 0.20 * 200 = 3kg.
As such, multiplied meters all sides of the order of 200, and the final result was 3, which will be the volumetric weight of the shipment.

When do we use Volumetric Weight?

The volumetric weight is used whenever the result of your calculation exceeds the actual real weight. If the result of the calculation is lower than the real weight, we use the real weight.

How Delnext apply Volumetric weight?

The website of Delnext automatically calculates the weight of your order. On the page, send order (hyperlink: https://www.delnext.com/PT/booking_details), simply place the actual weight, height, width and length of the order and then the site indicates the amount corresponding to the real or volumetric weight of your order.

Calculate here the Volumetric Weight of your parcel

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