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I never heard of Delnext. Why should I work with the company?

Delnext is a company that manage the delivery of your parcels inside the European Union with unbeatable prices, speed and a customer support always available to address your questions and concerns. With Delnext you can start saving money and time. See our customer reviews here.

Where does Delnext collect parcels to be delivered?

Delnext collects parcels in any point for Continental Portugal and Peninsular Spain, directly in the address that you choose during the checkout.

Does Delnext deliver parcels outside the EU?

No. Delnext only provides its services inside the European Union. Thus, we don’t deliver in Switzerland, Norway, United States or Brazil, for example.

Is Delnext able to carry my parcel?

Delnext is able to carry your parcel unless it is included in the list of prohibited items. You can check the list here

Does Delnext work with partners or have its own trucks?

Delnext has several partnerships with logistics companies and also has its own network. Depending on the destination of your parcels, we will collaborate with different partners.

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