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I do not know the weight and dimensions of my parcel. What should I enter?

If you do not know the weights and dimensions of your parcels, please weigh and measure yourself. We strongly recommend that, when entering weights and dimensions, they are as accurate as possible in order to avoid further charges and any possible delivery delays.

The parcels I need to deliver have bigger dimensions or are heavier than the maximum allowed in Delnext's website. What should I do?

If the parcel's weight exceeds 30 kg or either side measures more than 70 cm, please go to Budget Request and ask for a quote.

Do I get a cover for my parcels?

Yes. Delnext's standard cover amount of your parcel is 10 Euro. If the content value of your parcel is higher than 10 Euro, when placing your order, you have the possibility to add an extra cover.

Do I get better prices if I place more orders?

No. You get the standard pricer for each order you place. However, if you have a company, contact us here, so that we can submit a commercial proposal.

Does Delnext collect/send parcels from islands?

Yes. Delnext collects and delivers on the islands but has additional costs. The amount is indicated at the end of the purchase.

I just placed and paid an order. What happens now?

You will receive an email confirming that your order was successfully placed. In the same email you will find attached the labels you need to glue in your parcels and you will be also informed when we will collect your parcel.

May I track my parcels?

Yes. When you place an order, the confirmation email that is sent to you includes a tracking code. Copy the code, go to Delnext's website and paste it in the box "Track Your Shipment" at the bottom of the page. If you are logged in our website, you can also see your parcel details in "My Account" - "My Parcels".

How can I cancel my delivery?

In order for you to cancel your delivery, please proceed to contact us here.

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