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I want invoices with VAT number. Where may I insert my VAT number?
Answer: Login in Delnext's website and click in “My Account” in the upper right corner. Then go to the tab “My Account Information”. There you have an area where you can insert personal information such as your tax number.
The parcels I need to deliver have bigger dimensions or are heavier than the maximum allowed in Delnext's website. What should I do?
Answer: If the parcel's weight exceeds 30 kg or either side measures more than 70 cm, please send an email to and indicate the following characteristics of your parcel: dimensions (length, height and width) in metros or centimetros; weight in grams or kilograms; content value in Euro. We'll give you a budget for your specific case.
Do I get a cover for my parcels?
Answer: Yes. Delnext's standard cover amount of your parcel is 10 Euro per kilo. If the content value of your parcel is higher, when placing your order, you have the possibility to add an extra cover to protect the entire value of your parcel.
Where does Delnext collect parcels to be delivered?
Answer: Delnext collects parcels in any place in Portugal Continental and Spain Peninsular (except isles).

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